Clothes Shopping

Where to Buy Gothic Clothing
A guide to measuring yourself.
An index of thrift stores online.
A guide to thrifting when you're plus-sized.
Finding Plus-Sized Goth clothes.
A list of Clothing Stores for Plus-Sized Goths.

DIY and Tutorial Tips

Adding studs to your clothes.
How to make your clothes spookier.
Painting leather guide.
Basic embroidery stitches.
A useful guide to sewing with lace.

Taking Care of Your Clothes

How to take care of a leather jacket.
How to wash every single fabric.
A guide for breaking in your shoes quickly.
How to clean vintage clothing.
Seven ways to keep pet hair off your clothes.
A short and sweet guide to maintaining faux fur.

The Scene & Social Stuff

Tips and rules for socializing at Goth clubs.
An International Gothic Club Listing.
The importance of protesting in alternative fashion.
A Goth Club Bingo card.
Tips on dealing with comments from non-Goths.

Hair, Skin, Cosmetics, and Beauty

A video on backcombing your hair.
A long list of cosmetics companies that are cruelty free.
How to do winged eyeliner.
The ultimate guide to taming frizzy hair.
Using Bumpits to help with your back-combed goth hairdo.

Need Recommendations for entertainment?

What the Fuck Should I Listen to Now? helps find new music based on old favorites.
Ultimate Goth Guide posted a great, big, very long list of dark bands to listen to.
Join Goodreads and get book recommendations based on your old favorites.

Goth Blogging?

1001 Fonts has a list of 142 free downloadable horror fonts.
I wrote a post with 50 Goth Blog Post Prompts for Goth bloggers to use.
Pixlr is a great way to edit your photos for free online with no download.
If you get stuck, here are 52 blog post ideas. Some assembly (+spook) required.
This day in Goth and Horror history at Goth Almanac is great post inspiration.

Want to read some of my specialized resource posts?
20 Summer Resource Links for Goths

Please do send me new links to resources that you think should be included here!

-Mary Rose,
The Everyday Goth

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