This page should give you some of the answers to my most asked questions on this blog!

What is Goth?

Whoo! Starting off with a good question. It's a subculture based around music, fashion, and aesthetics with a darker turn. Here's a longer article about it.

How do I dress Goth?

There is no one way to dress Goth. Trad Goths dress differently than Romantigoths who dress differently than Gothic lolitas who dress differently than "jeans and t-shirts" Goths. What I would say is gather inspiration for the way that you want to dress, shop around thrift stores for basics at low prices, and then add Goths touches later.

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How do I explain Goth to my parents?

This page will give you a run down of the history of the Goth subculture and dispel a few concerns that I see very frequently. I also answered this reader mail about parents who don't "get it" here.

My parents won't let me be a Goth, what do I do?

While it might seem like the end of the world, it really isn't. What you can do is focus on everything else. Keep on top of your academics, make new friends, get new hobbies. Prove you are happy and not a "delinquent." Then, try introducing Goth aspects to your life without calling it Goth. Listen to the music you love with headphones. Add Goth touches to your outfits. See where that takes you. If they are still being unreasonable, you might have to be more subtle about it and wait until you are either older or leave home.

How do I meet other Goths?

The internet is a fantastic tool for this and I'm very fond of Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr for this. Posting and asking "Are there any Goths from the X area?" can help you meet new people! You can also use the international Goth club listing if you're of age and like a night out. Just exercise reasonable caution when meeting up with people for the first time!

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