About Me

Hello, and welcome!

I'm Mary Rose, more commonly known on the internet as The Everyday Goth. I started blogging on my Tumblr in March 2010 and have only been expanding my horizons from there. You can find me in the goth-o-spheres of Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Instagram, and Pinterest. I blog about fashion, decor, DIY, etiquette, and anything else spooky I can think of.

I'd call myself a casual romantigoth and more than a bit of a geek. Very little makes me as happy as a big cup of coffee, a decent playlist of Goth music, and my Minecraft world. I can be quite silly at times but I do have causes I care about pretty passionately. Through this blog I've worked to support other plus-sized goths and even went on BBC World News Radio to discuss Goths and mental health--you can read more about that here.

However, there's more to me than blogging (I promise, even if my real life friends don't believe me.) I just graduated from college with my BA in Art History and History and now I'm an early twenties working professional who works in the art industry.

My non-Goth passions are travel, cats, Folk music, and Earl Grey tea. I'm an avid reader and an amateur time traveler.

Pleased to meet you!

-Mary Rose,
The Everyday Goth

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