Saturday, January 5, 2019

7 Gothic Tarot Decks

There's an old myth that your first tarot deck should be a gift from someone, but that shouldn't hold you back from picking up a deck that appeals to you! Here are some of my favorite Gothy-themed tarot decks.

Sinking Wasteland Tarot by Pixel Occult

This is a gorgeous Indie tarot deck with a post apocalyptic goth aesthetic and fully illustrated cards. Find it on Etsy here!

The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo 

This is THE Gothic tarot deck. It has everything--vampires, crypts, ravens, wolves, gothic architecture. It's so over-the-top it makes me giddy. Find it on Amazon here!

The Tattoo Tarot by Diana McMahon-Collins and Megamunden

I love classic tattoo art, even though my tattoos are quite a bit different. This tarot uses some of the best motifs of classic tarot art and has some tattooed folk in the deck on a stark background for fun readings. Find it on Amazon here!

The New Wave Tarot by Last Craft

Did you know that you needed Siouxsie Sioux as The High Priestess, or Robert Smith as the King of Cups? I didn't until I saw the New Wave Tarot. Find it on Last Craft Design's website here!

Tarot of the Vampires by Ian Daniels

Here's another vampire themed tarot deck for you with a nice baroque gothic theme. This reminds me of the vampire art I printed out and glued into my journals when I was a teenager and it's a lovely nostalgic deck to me. Find it on Amazon here!

The Deviant Moon Tarot

The Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

This is actually one of the first tarot decks I ever collected, and I love the steampunk takes on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery. Find it on Amazon here!

Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo 

We'll end today with another indie tarot deck, and a beautiful square one at that! This is the Dark Days Tarot, a black and white tarot deck with a diverse cast and beautiful imagery. Find it on their website here!

I've been doing a daily draw on my tarot instagram @melioramagic, if you want to see more tarot decks.
Have you ever given tarot a try? What is your favorite deck?

Standard disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I do not link or recommend anything without actually loving it myself, and please don't feel pressured to buy anything you don't need. For more info, see my review and affiliate link page.


  1. Longtime lurker, it's so nice to see you posting again. I'm not into tarot but love all the art. Joseph Vargo is such a fond memory to when I got into goth and enjoyed Dark Realms Magazine. And everyone needs more Siouxsie Sioux.

  2. Thank you for reminding me of Joseph Vargo's beautiful art! The vampire one looks cool too. I'm actually reading the manual for the steampunk one right now, found it at the thrift store! Sadly I didn't see the cards themselves around.

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