Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lessons Learned as a Goth in the Tropics

I grew up all my life on the mid-atlantic seaboard, in Maryland, where the summers are hot and humid, but we also have. You know. Autumn. And winter. 2016, 2017, and 2018 have been strange years for me thus far, since my job required me to travel to some places that have been pretty tropical--Australia, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and Honduras especially, and let me tell you, I learned a thing or two about being a goth in the tropics.

1. Accidental tanning is real

I could pretty much walk around Maryland without sunscreen on and maintain a pretty pale complexion. Not that that's necessary or anything, but it was part of my general aesthetic not to be a horribly sunburned and peeling mess. Not so if you're going to live in the tropics for any amount of time. It was sunscreen every day, multiple times of day or regret it later. 

I now have a sandal tan-line. Enough said.

2. You can survive even wearing all black

I was often asked if I was sweltering hot while wearing all black, and to be honest it never bothered me. Color isn't the big deal in my experience, it's material. I stopped sweltering when I wore lace, cotton, and fishnet and less velvet and leather. 

3. You'll always stand out in a crowd

If I'm walking around New York City in the winter it can be pretty hard to differentiate me from the millions of other people walking around with black coats and umbrellas. My colleagues said that it was never hard to find the goth girl in a crowd of Hawaiian shirt wearing tourists. Helpful if, like me, you always find yourself getting distracted by something and getting separated from your group.

4. A makeup fixative spray is pretty essential

I could get away with just sealing my eyeliner with a bit of black eyeshadow back in the day, but using a makeup fixative spray (my favorite one currently is this one by Elf) actually helps makeup stay throughout the day and not go melting down your face. 

5. There are goths EVERYWHERE

And with that all being said, I met gothy types all over the world! One of the most wonderful things to happen to me while traveling was meeting Goths in coffee shops, concert venues, offices, and while hiking. We are all over the world, and that was a sight to see. I love our big, spooky global family!

I'm settled back in Maryland for the time being, so no more tropical adventures for me. It's nice to be back, and hopefully I'll be writing a bit more. How have you all been?

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