Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Goth Blogging 101: Creating a Content Schedule

The most common complaint I see from other Goth bloggers (and that I used to have myself) was about how one could possibly generate content consistently for years and avoid unannounced hiatuses where you post. I've written before about how to generate ideas for a goth blog, but sometimes having tons of ideas and no plan about how to execute them can be exhausting. Since it's easier to give it a bit of forethought and plan ahead than it is to dig yourself out of one of these post breaks (if you ever decide to return to blogging), so in this post I'll outline the simple way I ensure I have content for weeks to come.

So, here's a little secret for you: For the past few months, this blog has been running on posts that I batch-wrote back in May. In the course of a few weeks I wrote over fifty posts for this blog so that it would never run out of content if I became busy with work and couldn't write at the time. How was I able to do this?

A blog content schedule was absolutely indispensable for me. It's a schedule of every single day that I want to have a blog post up (for me, Wednesdays and Saturdays) for a six month span. Depending on how often you post, you might decide to go further into the future.

I keep mine in my planner (bookmarked with an adorable skull paper clip), and here is a look at what mine looks like before it gets fully filled out. When I set up this content schedule in my planner, I take some time to start filling out what I would like to post when, keeping in mind holidays and special events which I might like to make posts about.

Filling out the content calendar can seem daunting at first, but having an eye on everything makes it infinitely easier. For me, looking at the dates easily triggers ideas: Oh, the fifteenth is my birthday, so I know I'll have an OOTD that day or, I always have a Monthly Favorites up at the end of the month or I want to do a post-a-day for October so I should plan ahead now. Don't forget Goth-specific holidays and events. You'd be surprised how quickly the content calendar fills out with your ideas.

You can stop there with the content calendar, or you can also pre-write posts and have them on hand if you ever run into one of those Nope, can't do it blogging weeks.

Pro-tip the first: Write in pencil. Don't feel obligated to stick with a post if something new and exciting comes up that you want to blog about it. Just erase the post idea and reschedule it elsewhere.

Pro-tip the second: If you don't get to writing some of the posts in your schedule (you didn't have the time, you didn't feel inspired, you didn't have everything you needed), keep the schedule on hand. You can always use it as a free idea bucket down the line.

For my goth bloggers out there, how far ahead do you plan your blog posts? Do you keep a backlog for when times are tough and blogging just feels completely impossible?


  1. I have no system, and I don't plan ahead. I just post when I feel inspired. So far, that's been working for me. XD

  2. When I first started my blog I never had any issues with writing content. I spent so much time online that I always had something buzzing around in my head.

    But now that I've moved out, got a job and have been hit with major periods of depression where I just want to sit and stare, I feel like my blog has gone a little down hill. :/

    I feel like no amount of backlogging can help for that, unfortunately.

  3. This looks like it's going to be a really useful idea for me - I seem to never have time to write posts when i have ideas for posts, and uni means I have months of extrme busyness and months of relative calm, so this should help even that out a bit.

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