Saturday, October 1, 2016

Things for Goths to Buy in October

It's October, so if ever shops were going to stock things appropriate for Goths, now is the time. This list may not apply as much if you live in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween, but hopefully online is also an option. Personally I have a list of things to get now that black and purple colorschemes, stripes, vampire motifs, and more have come into fashion for the month.

So, here's my list:

  • Candles! Look for colors and shapes you can't get year-round. Black and white stripes have been very popular lately, for example.
  • Washi tape! I'm sure you all know about my love of Washi tape, right? Well, now is the time!
  • Baking supplies! Cupcake wrappers, spooky sprinkles, cookie molds/cutters, etc. are now coming out in all sorts of spooky shapes. For more inspiration, check out my Goth Kitchen Accesso
  • ries Pinterest board!
  • Small accessories! Obviously these are probably not going to be of the highest quality, but even the drug stores near me seem to have earrings and hair clips with bats or whatever on them. Something cute if not worn daily!
  • Stationary! Greeting cards and envelopes are the best thing to look for around Halloween time, imho. Stock up so you'll have something spooky to send out the rest of the year!
  • Stockings! Fishnets and stripey stockings come out during the Halloween season with a vengeance. If you're anything like me and tend to rip stockings all the time anyway, it's better to stock up when they're less expensive! 
  • Stickers and stamps! Obviously if you're a planner person like me, now is the time to go to your local craft outlets and look for what they have available. 
  • Throw pillows! Throw pillows are a relatively inexpensive (usually. I have seem ones go for 60$, which is frankly ridiculous.) addition to your home decor and all of the ones I have I've found in the Halloween season. 
  • Nail art supplies! Check your favorite beauty supplier for nail stickers and stamps with a gothic flair, or unusual polish colors to add to your day-to-day look.
  • Books! Mainstream book stores tend to have specials on classic gothic and horror literature around this time of year, and if you prefer indie second-hand book stores they usually have fun Halloween events as well!
  • Bath products! Bath &Body Works and Lush, my two favorite places to get bath bombs, hand sanitizer, and soap sell seasonal Halloween items, and there are tons more Indie shops who do as well (just check Etsy!) Personally the silly thing I'm looking forward to the most is the Pocket Bacs (hand-sanitizers) from Bath & Bodyworks in scents like "vampire blood." 
  • Mugs! I can't be the only one who loves mugs, right? And now they're coming out in so many cute shapes and patterns. Keep an eye on my Pinterest board dedicated to Gothy Mugs if you want to see the ones I've found this season.
  • Office supplies! My grocery store is selling post-it notes and etc. in Halloween shapes, so I grabbed a few just to be sure I had them!

Is October a big shopping month for you? What are you planning on stocking up on this Halloween season?


  1. Good tip about the fishnets. I'm definitely stocking up on Halloween socks!!

  2. Hi Dear Mary Rose! :)
    I would like to ask your permission to translate this list to Hungarian language and post to my blog ( ) I would link you of course at the beginning and at the end of the translation.
    Thank you very much for the answer,
    Gabriella :)

  3. Great list! I already went crazy and bought Sparkly Pumpkin from Lush and I don't even have a bathtub :D

  4. Candy corn, candy corn and more candy corn.

    1. Candy corn is delicious! No one else seems to like it and I think that's crazy!

  5. I've seriously spent so much on Halloween stuff this year... mostly because either haven't done so in the last few years bc of financial and stress issues. Ribbon so much ribbon I don't even know what I'm gonna do with yet lol

  6. I've seriously spent so much on Halloween stuff this year... mostly because either haven't done so in the last few years bc of financial and stress issues. Ribbon so much ribbon I don't even know what I'm gonna do with yet lol

  7. We're planning a big move in the next few months so we're downsizing everything we own... which means that no, not buying any Halloween stuff this year. Which is sad BUT next year I will be buying all the things and decorating my own house!!

  8. All the spooky tights! I normally stock up in October and what I buy lasts me until June next year.

  9. Yessss. I've been intensely into Halloween goth mode, buying all of the things.

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  11. Yessssss.....Walmart has ALL the stockings I crave. Already stocked up on them. Might get more once Halloween ends, like I did last year. Will have to go to Michael's again to check out that Washi tape!

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