Wednesday, October 19, 2016

5 Bloody Halloween Cocktails

Being as it's my second Halloween as a 21+ year old person in the US (despite the fact that I was in the UK for two Halloweens when I was 18 and 20 so I have boozed up... but anyway) I've had Halloween cocktails on my mind. To celebrate my bold Halloween tradition of pretty much always going as a vampire, I've also been experimenting with blood cocktails. So, here are five blood-themed adult treats I've been trying and loving for the Halloween season.

Note: If you're under the legal drinking age of your country, virgin Halloween punches and mocktails are pretty easy to come across. When in doubt, add food coloring and a fancy garnish.

This Bloody Orange cocktail is all about the presentation. Homemade raspberry syrup is placed into a plastic syringe for the guests to squirt into a fruity orange mix, creating a bloody blob in their drink. 

This white coconut martini is made bloody by the lovely red rim garnish. Theoretically you could add this bloody rim to any drink, alcoholic or not, but I think it just looks delightfully spooky with the white martini. 

This bloody shot is created by our own Goth darling It's Black Friday on Youtube as a sequel to her black death alcoholic punch and is a mixture of cherry brandy and Grenadine. Watch her mix it up on her Youtube video here.

Milkshakes are well-loved around here and this bloody twist is absolutely perfect for a Halloween celebration. This recipe actually has no alcohol, but I've made it with various boozy add-ins like Rumchata and Brandy and all are super good. 

This is a standard martini recipe that has a bit of a twist: a bloody heart in the middle! The secret to this bleeding-heart martini is a baby beat which serves to redden the water and looks like a creepy little bloody heart. I like beets and this idea is really cute.

Do you drink on Halloween? What are your favorite spooky type cocktails?


  1. The bloody shot looks like blood.

  2. These look amazing! Due to dietary requirements, I'm normally a rum & sugar-free coke person, but I could totally ditch my diet for them for one night, even knowing I'll suffer a lot the next day :)

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