Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: MetalLiquor

This is not a sponsored post.

Today's spotlight is falling on MetalLiquor, a gothic jewelry shop on Etsy who I've absolutely fallen in love with. Some of their stuff is more on the rock and roll side, some of it is elegant gothic, and all of it is extremely beautiful. Here are some of my favorites at time of writing:

To see more from MetalLiquor, please check them out on Etsy here!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Best Goth Lyrics for Putting on Your Tombstone

Epigraphs on tombstones are the best. From the spiritual and emotional to the wry and funny, they're one of my favorite things about old cemeteries. I had always said that, when I died, I wanted a Walt Whitman quote on my tombstone, from his famous Leaves of Grass: "I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love, If you want me again, look for me under your boot-soles." Now that I'm more interested in natural burial options for my forever-corpse, I've been rethinking this quite a bit. Still, the idea of having a good quote on a tombstone is still pretty appealing, so I thought for today's post I'd run through my iTunes and find the best Goth lyrics to stick on your tombstone.

"In letting go
Of fear and dread
And all you know
You'll lose the need of certainty
And make-believe eternity
To find the true reality
In beautiful infinity."
     -The Reasons Why, The Cure

The winds of change consume the land,
While we remain
In the shadow of summers now past."
     -Severance, Bauhaus

"There is a star in the sky
Guiding my way with its light
And in the glow of the moon
Know my deliverance will come soon."
     -Waiting for the Night, Depeche Mode

"How quickly pass the days long is the night
Lying in bed awake bathed in starlight
Better to live as king of beasts
Than as a lamb scared and weak."
     -World Coming Down - Type O Negative

"Nowhere to run—no time to cry
So celebrate while you still can
'Cause any second, it may end
And when it's all been said and done...
Better that you had some fun
Instead of hiding in a shell
Why make your life a living hell?
So have a toast and down the cup
And drink to bones that turn to dust ('cause)...
No one, no one, no one...
No one lives forever!"
     -No One Lives Forever, Oingo Boingo

"Chasing a monsoon over the dune
Oh fly me to the moon, get me there soon"
     -Lunar Camel, Siouxsie & the Banshees

"Just for one moment, thought I'd found my way.
Destiny unfolded, I watched it slip away."
     -Twenty-Four Hours, Joy Divison

"Sometimes in the world as is you've
Got to shake the hand that feeds you"
     -No Time to Cry, The Sisters of Mercy

"And as I watched from underneath
I came aware of all that she keep
The little foxes so safe and sound
They were not dead
They'd gone to ground."
     -The Passion of Lovers, Bauhaus

"Perhaps I was just dreaming.
When I think these things had real meaning."
     -Bloodfire, Type O Negative

"The walls of doubt are falling down
Running deep with the music loud
Flying high, don't look down"
     -Highwire, Flesh for Lulu

"The lights say move say never look back
And so I find a place where I've never been seen
Find another place where the red turns green"
     -Lights, The Sisters of Mercy

If you had to put a lyric from a Goth song on your tombstone, what would you pick?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DIY Goth Planner Dashboard

So, in my continued mission to make a bunch more DIY Planner posts, I thought I'd show you all my  planner dashboard. Basically I wanted a landing page that I would see when I first opened my planner without decorating my first divider. It ended up being super simple, but here's what I did:

For this project you will need:
  • Black cardstock (Or whatever color really. For Halloween I'm planning on making one out of Halloween scrapbook paper.)
  • A pencil 
  • A holepunch
  • Embellishments (optional)
  • A white pen (or silver/gold, which would be very pretty on black paper. You could also use a plain black pen if you weren't using black cardstock, or stamps/letter stickers.)
  • Laminate (optional)
I started by cutting the cardstock into my desired shape, using one of my already existing dividers for a template. This divider is from a set by My Pretty Week on Etsy. I cut the dashboard to be slightly larger than the divider and without a tab so that it would neatly hide everything behind it. Then I traced the holes with my pencil and hole punched them.

 Now to add the embellishments. For my dashboard I decided to add this little articulated skeleton from the Halloween Scrapbooking section of Michaels Arts and Crafts store. To attach him, I glued just his head and torso down so that the hands and legs can move around.

I also wrote my name in white ink and on the back there is a note card with my contact information just in case the planner gets lost (not shown here for obvious reasons.)

And now when I open my planner I am greeted by my adorable little skeleton friend. You can also see one of the pagemarkers that I made back in June.

Have you done any DIYs for your planner lately?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Goth Coloring Books

Adult coloring has been a huge trend recently. My mother, who has loved coloring books for years and years, has been delighted by the number of books that suddenly have appeared everywhere, from book stores to craft stores to our local grocery store. They're supposed to be good relaxation tools, and I think they certainly are.

Personally I love them because I like to have something to do with my hands while I'm watching movies or television or listening to audiobooks or podcasts (I often think I should pick up knitting, but I find that I can't pay attention to a movie and to knitting at the same time.). Since I've been trying to watch more movies recently, I've dug into my coloring books and found them perfectly suited.

Anyway, here are my picks for Goth coloring books:

Note: while not especially Gothy itself, Jillian Venters (blogger and author behind Gothic Charm School) also has a fantasy-themed coloring book out which you can get here.

Do you all use coloring books? Which are your favorites?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

How I Decorate My (New) Filofax Personal Planner

Back in June I switched from my bulky Erin Condren Life Planner to a smaller Filofax binder style planner. I just didn't need all the space that I needed when I was in college, but I did need more portability. The Filofax is working perfectly, so I thought I'd show how I plan out an average week in my decorative planning style.

Filofax planners do come with inserts when they're new, but I bought mine secondhand (a great way to save on these fairly expensive planners) and so had to get new inserts. In the end I settled on these vertical weekly personal planner inserts from the Wishee Washi Shop on Etsy. I also bought some of the other inserts, including her monthly inserts and to do lists--although, full disclaimer, she has changed the font since I ordered.

So here are the supplies I will be using:

My planner
Washi tape (The red, pink, and gray washi are from Michaels, the black I got from Etsy.)
Hole punch
Planner pages
Assorted stickers (The main kit we are using is from Planner Penny.)
Pilot G2-07 pen

First up I place the washi on the punched-edge of the inserts. The good thing about this washi placement is that your pages don't get worn when you turn them.

Next up I'm starting to place the stickers for the major events in my week, the things that don't change no matter what my plans are, such as the fact that I have two blog posts coming up this week on Wednesday and Saturday.

Now I'm using some of the larger box stickers to denote full day events, like the fact that I have a day off on Friday and Saturday. I'm also using smaller icons on top of that to denote that I'm having a run on Saturday. The shoe sticker and the Day Off sticker are from Planner Frenzy.

I can also use these "little things" sticker boxers to indicate events if I have a few to stack up, such as my Skype Home date and the fact that I have a report due on Wednesday. If you don't have a "little things" box with the icon that would work best, you can also layer smaller icons on top of that box, such as this tiny computer icon from That Planner Girl.

You can also see that I added a checkbox from Two to Plan on the extra box to keep track of any miscellaneous to-dos throughout the week.

You can see that I layer icon stickers a lot, such as this martini glass icon from Paugs Discoveries on top of the red scalloped sticker from Planner Frenzy.

All together now, the planner spread looks like this. Of course, this is just at the beginning of the week. As the week goes on I fill out the planner more, change things around, and overall get a better idea of what my week will look like.

If you're a goth who also likes using your planner, no matter how much you decorate it, you can join our Goth Planner Facebook group here!