Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reader Mail: Goth Wardrobe Subscription Services?

Are you aware if a wardrobe subscription service like Gwynniebee exists for
sartorial studies in darkness? I think it would be nice for baby bats and
re-batifying persons like myself to be able to cycle through many styles in
the process of building a closet. 

The short answer is, no! I haven't heard of such a thing.

The subscription wardrobe is something I've not quite got my head around yet, because I've been wearing some of my clothes for a decade now. I only buy pieces I know I'm really going to love and put a lot of thought into purchases (which is why I rarely if ever do hauls on this blog--one sweater every three or so months isn't going to interest anyone!)

But, for the reasons you've stated, I think it would be interesting for new people to the subculture (although I've always thought the services might be a bit expensive for the younger demographic.)

Running one of these services also seems like a huge endeavor, so I'm not surprised that one hasn't cropped up for our little niche yet. Besides, so much of Goth fashion is DIY driven that I don't think a company would be thrilled to cater to a demographic that delights in poking studs through all the clothing they send out.

Do you all use any wardrobe subscription services?


  1. What an interesting idea! Sort of like a personal shopping service for goths? I'm sure some professional women that don't have the time to shop online or locally might be interested but it's probably a very small niche.

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  3. There's a subscription box. Bitchbox!

  4. I was just thinking this would be a great way to showcase Indy designers. Not a monthly box but maybe quarterly

    1. Like how the spooky box subscriptions that are out there are done by indie designers? Sounds good, if that's what you're thinking about.

  5. I've seen a lot of these around, but apart from Bitchbox (which is probably too expensive for most people looking to build a wardrobe) I don't know any - I like 1666 X 30's suggestion of indy designers, but I think even a DIY subscription box could work. You could have the raw ingredients and some suggestions on what to do with them - obviously you could organize that yourself for cheaper, but I am a lazy person and having stuff coming in would cut out having to source things.

  6. I've tried one, but when I picked out something to wear and returned the items I didn't want, they charged me more than they originally said it was going to cost me. It was a nightmare to be refunded for, and while I do like the sweater I got, none of the items were really what I asked for. I think a service like this is doable but it would need a lot of capital.

  7. I love the concept and can't believe something like that doesn't exist! I can think of tons of accessories and basics that goth guys and gals would appreciate receiving. You could even subsection it out based on style preferences. :)

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