Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Currently loving: Succulents

So a few months ago I got two little succulent plants, which I promptly named Mortimer (left) and Rasputin (right) in memory of my favorite queen-bewitching wizards. I've been trying to get better at keeping plants alive (my two spider plants are a testament to my skills. I accidentally forgot one on a cold windosill in December for an entire month and still managed to coax it back to life.) and I thought it was time I tried my hand at succulents.

I got my succulents at Home Depot where they had a pretty big selection (hurrah, trendy plants.) They weren't very expensive, less than 3USD each, which I felt was worth the investment to try my hand at keeping these beauties alive. I've been folloiwng this guide, helpfully called How Not To Kill Your Succulents which is working out for me. The thing I like about succulents is that you shouldn't water them daily, just whenever the soil is too try. I use my planner to keep track and as long as I check the top of the soil to see how dry it is every few days, it's not hard to keep on top of watering them.

While succulents in glass terraneums look gorgeous as hell, succulents do need air circulation to keep them vibrant and happy, so I'm liking my current arrangement of Mortimer and Rasputin in this tin pot side by side. They live on my windosill, which gets morning light (not too heavy or too little) and they seem to like that. When they grow bigger (which I hope they will) I'm not sure where I'll move them to, but I do think I'm going to look for prettier containers.

Do any of you keep plants? Do you prefer decorative ones or more practical herbs or vegetables?


  1. I'm not good with plants. I wanted to get better and get some use out of them too by planting some herbs but my cat ate all of them and made a mess, even after I moved the pots on the taller-than-me fridge. I would so love to grow my own dill and chives year round, but I have no idea how to do it.

  2. I've got a cactus named Jaws that I've had since I was about 6. It's survived moving house 4 times and isn't dead which is more than I can say for everything else I've tried growing (except the mint that took over everything, that did well). I do want to try my hand at succulents though so I'll have to check out that guide!

  3. I don't keep plants. That's more my mother's department.

  4. I just bought one exactly like those purple ones in the book cover! Wonder how long it will stay alive in my apartment. I try to keep it near the window but I'm afraid it still won't get enough sunlight.

  5. I've got a little potted ivy that i'm trying to keep alive. I'd love to have roses but not sure if they go grow inside!

    1. The dwarf ones do and they are easy to clone too if you know someone who has them. I had a beautiful one but it suddenly died just as it was about to bloom. I suppose it caught some kind of plant disease.

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