Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Currently loving: Succulents

So a few months ago I got two little succulent plants, which I promptly named Mortimer (left) and Rasputin (right) in memory of my favorite queen-bewitching wizards. I've been trying to get better at keeping plants alive (my two spider plants are a testament to my skills. I accidentally forgot one on a cold windosill in December for an entire month and still managed to coax it back to life.) and I thought it was time I tried my hand at succulents.

I got my succulents at Home Depot where they had a pretty big selection (hurrah, trendy plants.) They weren't very expensive, less than 3USD each, which I felt was worth the investment to try my hand at keeping these beauties alive. I've been folloiwng this guide, helpfully called How Not To Kill Your Succulents which is working out for me. The thing I like about succulents is that you shouldn't water them daily, just whenever the soil is too try. I use my planner to keep track and as long as I check the top of the soil to see how dry it is every few days, it's not hard to keep on top of watering them.

While succulents in glass terraneums look gorgeous as hell, succulents do need air circulation to keep them vibrant and happy, so I'm liking my current arrangement of Mortimer and Rasputin in this tin pot side by side. They live on my windosill, which gets morning light (not too heavy or too little) and they seem to like that. When they grow bigger (which I hope they will) I'm not sure where I'll move them to, but I do think I'm going to look for prettier containers.

Do any of you keep plants? Do you prefer decorative ones or more practical herbs or vegetables?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Non-Goth Music I've Been Loving #3

Work is keeping me as busy as ever right now, so much to do as the end of summer gets closer and closer. I've hardly had two minutes to myself, but when I do I've been enjoying listening to some great music. Besides the incredible Goth music we all know and love, here are some non-Goth music favorites I have been loving lately.

What have you all been listening to lately? Are you busy?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

OOTD: Turning 22

Today, because of the cruel and unrelenting passage of time that won't stop despite how many reruns of early 2000s cartoons I watch or how many juice boxes I drink, I turn 22. Woah.

Today's look:

Dress, belt, shrug, sunglasses - Torrid
Heels - Thrifted
Wrist cuff - Forever21
Pearls - Family

I love these sunglasses, I feel like they suit my face more than sunglasses I've had in the past. 

I'm trying out the cuff bracelet as a way of covering my tattoo for special occasions at work, but my mother says it looks like I put half a tin can on my arm, so who knows.

I hope you're all having a great week so far!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What's in my bag? August 2016 - CorpGoth

Man, it's been half a decade since I did one of these posts, which is weird considering how much I love reading them. A lot has changed since then, considering I'm a working professional (somehow) rather than a high school student. My personal style has also toned down a lot for work ("business professional" dress codes will do that for you) so my purse is one of the few places where I can keep a few gothy things to keep me motivated throughout the day. So, for the record, here's what I'm keeping in my bag lately.

 First, the bag. This isn't some fancy designer thing, I picked it up from Walmart when I decided I needed a professional handbag for work (and I'd rather save my money for cute gothy handbags to use in my time off.)

Here's the overview:

First are the most important things in my bag:

Because my job requires a fair bit of international travel, I do tend to have my passport with me (unless I'm working domestically, obviously.) I keep it and a few cards in a black leather travel wallet. I've been given the advice before to scatter important documents about your person for safety (so if one get stolen, you don't lose all of it) but I've actually found that doing that makes me so much more likely to displace something. If I keep it in one place, I just need to keep track of this little wallet and I'm golden.

Here I also have a little coin purse that I picked up during my time living in Glasgow. The silver thing at the bottom right is an engraved silver card holder which holds gift cards/membership cards and that kind of thing. My phone is an iPhone and, although I have one of those shatter-proofing layers on it, I still need to find a cool phone case that I like (I do have a Pinterest board for this now.)

Next up I have makeup and that kind of thing. I don't carry a full makeup kit with me because I never have the patience to reapply makeup during the day. I have nail clippers, a powder compact, spare hair tyes, and a mirror (which I decorated with scrapbooking supplies years ago and it is starting to show it.), My current favorite neutral liquid lipstick for work  right now is Meet Matte Hughes in Sincere. I keep a hand lotion in my bag because I have a terrible habit of picking at hangnails so I've been trying to replace that by using lotion more frequently. Then, a liquid liner (for touching up wings, mostly), and a lip balm in a little skull (which you can get here.)

 After that are some electronics, including my DS and Kindle fire (because being bored on public transit is the worst thing in the universe.) I also usually keep an iPhone charger on me just in case, and my USB for work. I don't smoke, but I seem to always be around smokers who don't have a lighter, and it's a good way to make friends quickly.

 Then I have a pair of sunglasses from Torrid (I would have a case but to be quite honest they're usually on my head), some black pens and a pencil, my keys, a cloth for wiping my sunglasses and electronics off, and an Evil Supply Co. pocket notebook. I used to carry my planner around more, but unless I'm going to a meeting it just wasn't practical, so this little notebook does just great for me.

Lastly, the "health" category (except for my iPod, which I forgot to put in the tech pile. It's very necessary though, especially on long train or plane trips. I always keep a few podcasts or lectures on there for dead spots.) The hand sanitizer is one of the Pocket Bacs from Bath and Bodyworks (I can't wait to get my hands on some of the Halloween ones.) I also keep bandaids for blisters, teeth whitening mint gum, and a snack to keep me going.

And, yes, menstrual products, because I am a person with a uterus and I think most of my readers are mature enough to handle it. I always keep a spare tampon on me in case someone else is in need, but the true savior of my life has been the Intima Lily Compact cup. It's the only collapsible cup I could find which has made it a dream to travel with. This has become my #1 travel recommendation for anyone with a uterus, because instead of taking up a ton of room in your suitcase with tampons or pads, you can just take this one tiny little thing. 10/10 would purchase a hundred times over (but I won't have to, because it's reusable and good for a long, long time.)

Once it's all in, it looks like this! I keep the most valuable things (like my phone and passport) in the pocket closest to my body, and the other things that I tend to need more frequently but are less valuable in the outer pocket. The purse has an exterior zippered pocket and two open pockets on the back, but I never ever ever keep anything in these because it's way too easy to get pick-pocketed.

I'm actually looking to add a few more things to my bag. I'd love an external battery for my phone, a small but spill-proof bottle of sunscreen, and face blotters. I'd also really love a few more cute little gothy pouches to keep things organized in my bag, so if you know a place to get those, please comment down below!

 What are your necessities for your handbag, if you carry one?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Youtube Spotlight: Ask a Mortician

Ask a Mortician is a web series by funeral director and author Caitlin Doughty where she discusses everything morbid, from intellectually explorative videos about what happened to Titanic's Dead to answering viewer's questions about what is the worst way to die to giving frank advice about how we should approach talking to our loved ones about death. Basically, everything you could ever want to know about death, she's got you covered.

Caitlin Doughty is down to earth, slightly macabre, and very funny, and watching her videos is a delight. She has a very relaxed approach to talking about death and is frank in her mission that we should reclaim our relationship with death and not ignore it. Her view is that the contemporary situation in which hospitals and funeral homes handle most of the death process is actually not very good for us.

My favorite video? Death and Feminism

You can find Doughty and Ask a Mortician on Youtube here, find her website about alternative death here. And, for the record, Doughty's Twitter is pretty funny too.

You can find Caitlin Doughty's first book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes on Book Depository here!
You can find Caitlin Doughty's first book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes on Amazon here!
You can find Caitlin Doughty's second book From Here to Eternity on Book Depository here!
You can find Caitlin Doughty's second book From Here to Eternity on Amazon here!

What Youtubers are you all loving lately?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reader Mail: Goth Wardrobe Subscription Services?

Are you aware if a wardrobe subscription service like Gwynniebee exists for
sartorial studies in darkness? I think it would be nice for baby bats and
re-batifying persons like myself to be able to cycle through many styles in
the process of building a closet. 

The short answer is, no! I haven't heard of such a thing.

The subscription wardrobe is something I've not quite got my head around yet, because I've been wearing some of my clothes for a decade now. I only buy pieces I know I'm really going to love and put a lot of thought into purchases (which is why I rarely if ever do hauls on this blog--one sweater every three or so months isn't going to interest anyone!)

But, for the reasons you've stated, I think it would be interesting for new people to the subculture (although I've always thought the services might be a bit expensive for the younger demographic.)

Running one of these services also seems like a huge endeavor, so I'm not surprised that one hasn't cropped up for our little niche yet. Besides, so much of Goth fashion is DIY driven that I don't think a company would be thrilled to cater to a demographic that delights in poking studs through all the clothing they send out.

Do you all use any wardrobe subscription services?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Skulluminate

This post is not sponsored.

Some readers (and followers of my Instagram) will know by now that I have a soft spot for ethically collected animal bones. I live near a forest and it doesn't take much hunting to find a few bones here and there, deer skulls or raccoon femurs or the like. So whenever I find an artist doing super cool things with those bones, I'm totally on board. Enter Skulluminate.

Lila's creations are custom made unique works, and what I have seen are absolutely stunning!

Join me in oo-ing and ahh-ing over the Skulluminate Etsy shop here!