Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stripes for Summer Goths

It's hot here. Very hot. Pretty unbearably hot. I'm not sure how I lived my life in Maryland up to this point, I should be off somewhere in the arctic. Still, I'm doing what I can to stay cool this summer, and part of that is dressing pretty carefully. I've talked before about wearing lighter fabrics and fewer layers, but one trend I'm loving right now are black and white stripes.

The above striped sweater I got from a thrift store, which is what made me think to look around for other striped clothes. I never thought I would wear one of these sweaters in the heat, but the stripes actually keep it miraculously cool.

I think black and white look very Beetlejuice-esque and can be pretty Gothy when matched with other black clothes. Even a hint of red looks fantastic with them, giving off serious The Night Circus vibes (which is a pretty good book if you haven't read it already.) Followers of Jillian Venters, author of Gothic Charm School, will know that she rocks black and white stripes with pink as well, and looks plenty spooky. I love that black and white long overcoat.

The two skirts here are from Forever21, which I've been loving for cheap summer clothes. They're one of a very few companies who make plus sized clothing that isn't matronly or extremely expensive, which I really appreciate. The skirt on the right is a thicker material in an A-line which I find very flattering, while the one below is a thin material which is amazingly breathable and great for hot summer days down here.

My preferred style of stripes are the thicker black and white stripes, but I know other people who prefer thinner or even pinstripes. Still, the thicker the stripes and the more white material, the lighter it is going to be. I prefer vertical stripes, but as you can see from the cover up I have, mixing and matching can also look quite good. This black and white striped Restyle skirt has another mix of stripes which seem very flattering.

There are tons of ways to wear stripes. Black and white striped suits would be the most Beetlejuice, but skirts, pants, and shirts can also be found with stripes. I especially adore this black and white striped parasol from Plastic Land, which is delightfully whimsical and would be a great way to keep out of the sun.

Do any of you wear black and white stripes? What are your tips for surviving a hot, humid summer?


  1. My survival tip: Stay indoors and crank the AC.

    1. Thumbs up to the staying inside part, I only wish I had AC as well.

  2. For summer I'm all about lace and sheer fabrics- the more breath-ability, the better.

  3. I love black and white stripes. :)

    For my summer clothes, fabric type is the most critical factor. I wear 100% cotton as much as possible. Synthetics such as polyester and acrylic make me roast. I'm cooler in long-sleeve cotton than in sleeveless polyester.

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  5. I live in Georgia (will be moving to WV right below MD in a month!), and it is HOT here. They don't call it Hotlanta for nothing. I love being outside, but I've been avoiding it the past week because the heat has a way of sucking out my energy. If I have to be outside, I wear skirts (I have a few cotton ones), flowing tops, and sandals or slip on shoes. I have some black sandals with buckles (Birkenstock knockoffs from Target) that have been getting a lot of use.

  6. I agree, stripes are awesome! :) I always think of Beetlejuice too - perfect fashion inspiration. Great finds at Forever21!

  7. Stripes are perfect! I wore a striped top yesterday with a lavender skirt with light pink flowers. So goth! Haha, but wearing the striped top actually made me feel good with the girly skirt. A black top couldn't have added that alternative feeling

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