Wednesday, July 27, 2016

OOTD: Fancy Hats

What is this hat? I thought it was a pillbox style hat, but when my younger brother saw these pictures he screeched "Beret!" Admittedly, he is a teenager so he might have no idea, but I figured I'd get your opinions.

Anyway, onto the outfit details:

Dress - Forever21
Hat, shoes, shawl - Thrifted
Belt - Torrid
Necklace - DIY

So this belt is actually worn backwards, the front has some cool buckling but on this outfit I thought the front was plenty interesting enough with the sweetheart/mesh detailing, so I turned the belt around. 

The necklace, which I didn't get a good picture of, is an Alchemy Gothic earring that I turned into a necklace. 

So, what would you call this hat? And are you all hat people?


  1. I don't know what I d call it but i like this hat. I myself own a dozen (both summer and winter hats).

  2. Yes, it's a pillbox :) So pretty! I love fancy hats, but never managed to thrift one like this, lucky you!

  3. Great find! Looking awesome and great diys!

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