Sunday, July 10, 2016

Looks for Pokemon Gym Leaders

Today's post is a day late, and for that I apologize. Why? Because I've been playing Pokemon Go during my breaks. Yup, as a late-nineties kid Pokemon was my jam when I was younger. I remember playing my yellow game with my Gameboy color (my brothers got blue and red) and, later, my crystal (to their gold and silver.) It was the best thing ever for long car rides, even the late night ones where I had to squint at the screen in the fleeting light of passing cars and street lamps (because this was before the Gameboys screens were backlit.)

Anyway, Pokemon Go is the wildly popular new game which takes the Pokemon world (first gen) to your neighborhood, using augmented reality and google maps to place Gyms, Pokestops, and Pokemon around you. I've been playing since it came out, wandering all over town.

Back in the day I thought the looks for Pokemon trainers, especially the gym leaders and their fun thematic looks, were pretty badass. So today's post are some ideas for what to wear dominating the gyms in your town (at least when I take the local gym back from BigBallzConnor.)

Fuck you, BigBallzConnor.

So, here are the looks!

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Flight

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Flight by theeverydaygoth featuring a long coat

A more punky variety (I imagine for a poison or fighting type trainer.)

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Poison Girl

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Poison Girl by theeverydaygoth featuring a zip bag

There's some military influences here, so this is probably a fighting trainer:

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Fighter

Pokemon Go Gym Leader

Are any of you playing Pokemon Go? What team are you on? (Mystic, ftw.)


  1. Mystic ftw indeed! I've been playing nonstop

  2. I just downloaded yesterday. Doesn't work well on my Android so I'm changing to iPad. Can't play it during the week because of work, but I'll be haulin' during the weekends, I hope...

  3. The mister and I are team Mystic too!
    He and I have been making our dates driving around catching rares as we find them. I have gotten really good at drive by catching with both phones in my lap lolol.
    The gym near our house is already so big and constantly switching leaders; we're near a college afterall. The CP's are so high for each tier!

    1. He does the driving, I do the catching and searching lol

  4. We're out in the suburbs, and I think I've done more walking in the last few days than I had in the previous few months! We've been going out to catch as many as we can every night after supper.

  5. Mystic ftw! My best friend and I have been playing nonstop, and while we have some rares we're both pretty frustrated about the fact that we haven't yet found any ghost pokemon - especially considering our workplace is famous for being haunted! Oh well. Someday. I am really enjoying it though, I enjoy how the pokestops have led me to interesting local landmarks that I never would have known about otherwise.

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  7. Mary, I'm also looking for Pokémon Gym Leaders. My boy Jonny and I have been playing Pokémon non stop since the morning. Really, Pokémon Go is an awesome game. Thanks Mary and please keep posting things like this. pokemon go candy

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