Saturday, July 23, 2016

Goth Blogging 101: Blogging or vlogging?

Recently while discussing my blog with a new acquaintance he asked me why I didn't do vlogs or have a Youtube channel--to him, they seemed very similar. I had to confess that I'm just not enough of a badass to make videos. I have nothing but respect for people who make videos, I love when my favorite Youtubers release new videos and discovering new favorites is a wonderful feeling. For me, though? I'm better suited to being behind a keyboard. So, if you're interested in starting some kind of channel but aren't sure which avenue you'd like to pursue, here are some thoughts:


Everyone takes different amounts of time to write posts and edit videos, of course, but unless you're very devoted to re-reading and re-reading an article again and again, making a youtube video takes longer to do. Not only do you have to brainstorm your ideas for the video (or script them, as the case may be) but then going back to edit them and re-watch them takes much longer.

Later Editing

You can't make easy edits to Youtube videos unless you want to edit the raw file again and re-upload the whole thing (or use annotations, which some people have turned off anyway.) For me, if a piece of information is out of date or I change my mind on something it is very, very simple for me to edit older blog posts.


Sometimes you just want to sit down and talk about something, I completely understand that, but I can't count how many Youtube videos I've watched where the vlogger has to apologize for things being so confusing or ill-thought-out. If you want to be passionate and open about it, maybe vlogging is for you. If you have a lot of thoughts that you want to be eloquent about so that you convey only exactly what you mean, maybe blogging would be better suited.


Quite simply: sometimes I need a Youtube tutorial, no wiki-how will do. If you're demonstrating something and you can't quite get the pictures right, it might be time to take a video instead and head over to Youtube.


Everyone who makes Youtube videos has my fulled admiration because of one simple thing: the Youtube comments section. What a wretched hive of scum and villainy that is. For some reason Youtube comments are some of the most cruel and callous places on this side of the internet and everyone who deals with that is a hero in my eyes. I'm much happier with my small community here on blogger (and assorted others on Tumblr, thankyou.)

Of course everything has a purpose and many people manage both a blog and a Youtube channel depending on what they need to do, so don't feel the need to pick an alliance and never change. And who knows, you might see a few Youtube videos come up from me in the coming year.

Do you prefer watching videos or reading blog posts? Do you know anyone with a great blog and a fantastic Youtube channel?


  1. Blogging is also bit more easily accessible. While everyone has a web cam, not everyone has a good camera and good lighting (something that can be particularly challenging for those of the gothic persuasion) while blogging has a wide variety of possible hosts to chose from - many with premade themes to pick from.

    1. Not everyone has a web cam. If you use a laptop then yes since they come as standard but I (and probably many others) use a desktop and I couldn't be bothered to buy a separate web cam as I don't have a reason to use one.

  2. I always go to youtube to find videos on the seemingly simplest things, to the very elaborate; everyone out there has something to share, and I want to learn it!
    On that note, I don't like my video-tuts to be too wordy; clear and concise is the best! Leave the talky talky to the bloggy bloggy, heheh-- that's why I blog and don't vlog =P

  3. This is an interesting articles. I have to admit I prefer blogging, and I've never attempted vlogging or will. Another factor is I'm dyslexic, which means I have issues with public speaking and at least with blogging I can correct any grammatical mistakes.

  4. Yeah I'm against vlogging myself lol. I know a few vloggers and they bother me. They seem really self absorbed and there's little content in their videos. A lot of the time they just stand around being like "ummm so this make up is really pretty *plays with hair* it's not like my other six hundred shades of eye shadow." It's almost as though they just want to hear themselves talk and be praised for looking cute on camera. I honestly can't even consider that blogging. Now if someone were to make a tastefully, well thought out and edited series, like the Homicidal Homemaker, I might feel differently about it. The other thing I have against vlogging is that it can't be translated, unless someone wants to sit down and write a transcript of the video but at that point you might as well just blog lol.

  5. I do enjoy watching vloggers sometimes (and I love YouTube for DIY), but honestly I prefer writing. I also have the added challenge of my accent not being easily understood by non-native English speakers, and nowhere near enough experience with video editing or filming!

  6. I far prefer blogging to vlogging, but if I ever did get the itch to try making a video I'd probably... make a blog post about it! :D In all seriousness, for the reasons you listed, blogging suits my needs much better. However, I prefer videos for DIY, as you said, and for urban exploration videos as I feel they get the mood across much better

  7. I'd love to vlog, but I'm finding out that...I really can't. I'm too soft-spoken, unless I'm on a tangent, rant or vent, and I need a video editing program to do what I want to do. I have such dreams...but not now, perhaps. Eventually, yes. Right now...? Even blogging is difficult...

  8. I've thought about making youtube videos. But my video editing skills are rusty as fuck. So, I mostly blog.

  9. I'm not sure if she has a blog, but Toxic Tears has a fantastic Youtube channel. She is also always on twitter and facebook making comments!

  10. I don't like videos. I often look for tutorials and I'll never watch a video unless there's absolutely nothing else available. More often than not, there are 10 minutes of rambling, stuttering, "ummmm"s and "is this focused? why isn't this focused?" and the part that is actually useful is a few seconds long. Even in the rare cases the video is well scripted and edited, you can't skim through it at a glance to find the interesting part, like in a text. You can't print it for future use offline (if it's a recipe or tutorial). This being said, I watch several vloggers for their insights or day-to-day stuff, often while I do something else around the house. I'm glad you aren't transitioning to video soon.

  11. I have a blog and a youtube channel, but they serve different purposes for me. My vlogs tend to be for people I already know, like friends I have made online and family I don't get to see very often. They are out there for everyone to see, and I appreciate it when other people watch them, but I don't know what others get out of a lot of them. Meanwhile my blogging is meant to be more community based. Most of my friends and family don't even know about it.

    As for consuming things other people have made, I have gone through phases of both. Goth blogs seem to rise and fall and so do vloggers. It depends what is going on at the time.

  12. You've raised some good points. I've been thinking about getting back into the blogosphere lately, and wanted to try my hand at vlogging. However, I don't have that much time right now, and it seems to take a LOT more time and devotion. Besides, I've always been better at the written word than the verbal, so I may just resurrect one of my old blogs, and go at it that way. (You're blog is wonderful, by the way!)

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