Saturday, July 16, 2016

3 Ways to Quickly Hide Clutter in your Home

Personality quirk one: being an obsessively neat person. Personality quirk two: Loving decluttering and organization. Personality quirk three: Loving online shopping. Anyone else? Recently I've been trying to up my organization game and have been thinking about the three main types of clutter that get on my nerves: paper clutter, vanity clutter, and bulky clutter. So, what to do about them?

Paper Clutter - Magazine Files

As someone who formerly worked in an office handling lots of different paper (and a recently-graduated college student on top of that) I find paper clutter to be one of the most irritating. Even when you're managed to purge your unneeded bills, spam mail, files, etc. there are few ways to organize what remains into a useful pile. If you have paper clutter, magazine file folders are one of the best ways to corral it and keep your home from looking like a paper cyclone hit it. It also makes use of vertical storage space to make empty shelves more practical.  If you can, write the label in erasable pen so that you can always change out the label when your storage evolves.

Vanity or Tabletop Clutter - Trays 

Okay, this one isn't so much hiding clutter as making cluttered items look infinitely better. A beautiful tray (in my tastes vintage silver, but you can find all kinds of trays that suit any kind of gothic decor aesthetic) makes for the best way to make necessary desk or tabletop clutter seem more organized.
Keeping one on the coffee table and one on the bathroom counter top or vanity (or wherever you do your hair/makeup) helps display pretty items and keep them at a moment's reach while making sure they don't scatter themselves everywhere while you're cleaning. This works best if you keep the tray itself fairly empty, so either invest in a larger tray or do a purge of the items you keep on your desk/table/vanity.

Bulky clutter: Hat boxes

Nesting hatboxes have a gorgeous vintage vibe that suit tons of different decor styles. I think my mother inspired my love of hatboxes as she always had a set in her room that stored her craft supplies.
These rank highly as some of my favorite decorative storage and they can always be tucked into little corners that need sprucing up. They come in all kinds or shapes and sizes, although the traditional are round boxes suited to holding, you guessed it, hats. If you can't find a color that suits you, in my experience they respond perfectly to painting or decoupaging (another craft habit my mother gave me.)
This storage is best for bulkier items that you don't want on display all the time, like craft/school supplies, small gadgets or appliances, seasonal decor, linen, and the like.

How do you keep clutter at bay in your home?


  1. I'm sorry...this makes me chuckle. Not conquer clutter, not organize or tackle clutter but HIDE! This is the best.

    In our house we laugh that so many nooks are filled because we tend to tuck stuff everywhere. :D

  2. You don't need to hide clutter. You need to organize it! Storage solutions will help you get things tidied up and sorted out, but you'll still need to put aside time to get it done!

  3. Great stuff Mary! No matter what your preference would be; total clean up or just minor work-a-ways, they do require time. Time which you don't have when your on the fast lane. Thus you need quick fix tools or solutions (whichever you prefer) when your always on the run. Nevertheless yours' might come in handy, you'll never know! Things do pop-up when you least expect. Keep up the work, in case you are open to improvements on any future articles they will enhance your blogging techniques to maximum potential.

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