Saturday, July 30, 2016

9 Cute Goth Wallets

For a while now I've been carrying my black leather Demonia wallet but it is starting to show its age with stitching coming undone and some wear on the faux leather. I can't find a replacement for it (Demonia doesn't seem to manufacture it anymore) so I've been looking for a new wallet to carry. Here are some of my favorites that I've found.

Do you carry a goth wallet, or do you prefer something simpler?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Goth Blogging 101: Blogging or vlogging?

Recently while discussing my blog with a new acquaintance he asked me why I didn't do vlogs or have a Youtube channel--to him, they seemed very similar. I had to confess that I'm just not enough of a badass to make videos. I have nothing but respect for people who make videos, I love when my favorite Youtubers release new videos and discovering new favorites is a wonderful feeling. For me, though? I'm better suited to being behind a keyboard. So, if you're interested in starting some kind of channel but aren't sure which avenue you'd like to pursue, here are some thoughts:


Everyone takes different amounts of time to write posts and edit videos, of course, but unless you're very devoted to re-reading and re-reading an article again and again, making a youtube video takes longer to do. Not only do you have to brainstorm your ideas for the video (or script them, as the case may be) but then going back to edit them and re-watch them takes much longer.

Later Editing

You can't make easy edits to Youtube videos unless you want to edit the raw file again and re-upload the whole thing (or use annotations, which some people have turned off anyway.) For me, if a piece of information is out of date or I change my mind on something it is very, very simple for me to edit older blog posts.


Sometimes you just want to sit down and talk about something, I completely understand that, but I can't count how many Youtube videos I've watched where the vlogger has to apologize for things being so confusing or ill-thought-out. If you want to be passionate and open about it, maybe vlogging is for you. If you have a lot of thoughts that you want to be eloquent about so that you convey only exactly what you mean, maybe blogging would be better suited.


Quite simply: sometimes I need a Youtube tutorial, no wiki-how will do. If you're demonstrating something and you can't quite get the pictures right, it might be time to take a video instead and head over to Youtube.


Everyone who makes Youtube videos has my fulled admiration because of one simple thing: the Youtube comments section. What a wretched hive of scum and villainy that is. For some reason Youtube comments are some of the most cruel and callous places on this side of the internet and everyone who deals with that is a hero in my eyes. I'm much happier with my small community here on blogger (and assorted others on Tumblr, thankyou.)

Of course everything has a purpose and many people manage both a blog and a Youtube channel depending on what they need to do, so don't feel the need to pick an alliance and never change. And who knows, you might see a few Youtube videos come up from me in the coming year.

Do you prefer watching videos or reading blog posts? Do you know anyone with a great blog and a fantastic Youtube channel?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

3 Ways to Quickly Hide Clutter in your Home

Personality quirk one: being an obsessively neat person. Personality quirk two: Loving decluttering and organization. Personality quirk three: Loving online shopping. Anyone else? Recently I've been trying to up my organization game and have been thinking about the three main types of clutter that get on my nerves: paper clutter, vanity clutter, and bulky clutter. So, what to do about them?

Paper Clutter - Magazine Files

As someone who formerly worked in an office handling lots of different paper (and a recently-graduated college student on top of that) I find paper clutter to be one of the most irritating. Even when you're managed to purge your unneeded bills, spam mail, files, etc. there are few ways to organize what remains into a useful pile. If you have paper clutter, magazine file folders are one of the best ways to corral it and keep your home from looking like a paper cyclone hit it. It also makes use of vertical storage space to make empty shelves more practical.  If you can, write the label in erasable pen so that you can always change out the label when your storage evolves.

Vanity or Tabletop Clutter - Trays 

Okay, this one isn't so much hiding clutter as making cluttered items look infinitely better. A beautiful tray (in my tastes vintage silver, but you can find all kinds of trays that suit any kind of gothic decor aesthetic) makes for the best way to make necessary desk or tabletop clutter seem more organized.
Keeping one on the coffee table and one on the bathroom counter top or vanity (or wherever you do your hair/makeup) helps display pretty items and keep them at a moment's reach while making sure they don't scatter themselves everywhere while you're cleaning. This works best if you keep the tray itself fairly empty, so either invest in a larger tray or do a purge of the items you keep on your desk/table/vanity.

Bulky clutter: Hat boxes

Nesting hatboxes have a gorgeous vintage vibe that suit tons of different decor styles. I think my mother inspired my love of hatboxes as she always had a set in her room that stored her craft supplies.
These rank highly as some of my favorite decorative storage and they can always be tucked into little corners that need sprucing up. They come in all kinds or shapes and sizes, although the traditional are round boxes suited to holding, you guessed it, hats. If you can't find a color that suits you, in my experience they respond perfectly to painting or decoupaging (another craft habit my mother gave me.)
This storage is best for bulkier items that you don't want on display all the time, like craft/school supplies, small gadgets or appliances, seasonal decor, linen, and the like.

How do you keep clutter at bay in your home?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stripes for Summer Goths

It's hot here. Very hot. Pretty unbearably hot. I'm not sure how I lived my life in Maryland up to this point, I should be off somewhere in the arctic. Still, I'm doing what I can to stay cool this summer, and part of that is dressing pretty carefully. I've talked before about wearing lighter fabrics and fewer layers, but one trend I'm loving right now are black and white stripes.

The above striped sweater I got from a thrift store, which is what made me think to look around for other striped clothes. I never thought I would wear one of these sweaters in the heat, but the stripes actually keep it miraculously cool.

I think black and white look very Beetlejuice-esque and can be pretty Gothy when matched with other black clothes. Even a hint of red looks fantastic with them, giving off serious The Night Circus vibes (which is a pretty good book if you haven't read it already.) Followers of Jillian Venters, author of Gothic Charm School, will know that she rocks black and white stripes with pink as well, and looks plenty spooky. I love that black and white long overcoat.

The two skirts here are from Forever21, which I've been loving for cheap summer clothes. They're one of a very few companies who make plus sized clothing that isn't matronly or extremely expensive, which I really appreciate. The skirt on the right is a thicker material in an A-line which I find very flattering, while the one below is a thin material which is amazingly breathable and great for hot summer days down here.

My preferred style of stripes are the thicker black and white stripes, but I know other people who prefer thinner or even pinstripes. Still, the thicker the stripes and the more white material, the lighter it is going to be. I prefer vertical stripes, but as you can see from the cover up I have, mixing and matching can also look quite good. This black and white striped Restyle skirt has another mix of stripes which seem very flattering.

There are tons of ways to wear stripes. Black and white striped suits would be the most Beetlejuice, but skirts, pants, and shirts can also be found with stripes. I especially adore this black and white striped parasol from Plastic Land, which is delightfully whimsical and would be a great way to keep out of the sun.

Do any of you wear black and white stripes? What are your tips for surviving a hot, humid summer?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Looks for Pokemon Gym Leaders

Today's post is a day late, and for that I apologize. Why? Because I've been playing Pokemon Go during my breaks. Yup, as a late-nineties kid Pokemon was my jam when I was younger. I remember playing my yellow game with my Gameboy color (my brothers got blue and red) and, later, my crystal (to their gold and silver.) It was the best thing ever for long car rides, even the late night ones where I had to squint at the screen in the fleeting light of passing cars and street lamps (because this was before the Gameboys screens were backlit.)

Anyway, Pokemon Go is the wildly popular new game which takes the Pokemon world (first gen) to your neighborhood, using augmented reality and google maps to place Gyms, Pokestops, and Pokemon around you. I've been playing since it came out, wandering all over town.

Back in the day I thought the looks for Pokemon trainers, especially the gym leaders and their fun thematic looks, were pretty badass. So today's post are some ideas for what to wear dominating the gyms in your town (at least when I take the local gym back from BigBallzConnor.)

Fuck you, BigBallzConnor.

So, here are the looks!

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Flight

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Flight by theeverydaygoth featuring a long coat

A more punky variety (I imagine for a poison or fighting type trainer.)

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Poison Girl

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Poison Girl by theeverydaygoth featuring a zip bag

There's some military influences here, so this is probably a fighting trainer:

Pokemon Go Gym Leader: Fighter

Pokemon Go Gym Leader

Are any of you playing Pokemon Go? What team are you on? (Mystic, ftw.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hollywood Cemetery Trip

This weekend I was down in Virginia visiting family and had a few hours to kill early Sunday morning before driving back home at noon. I really wanted to visit my favorite cemetery in the south, Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond (not to be confused with Hollywood Forever cemetery) and so off we went.

One of my favorite things about the cemetery is this gorgeous old purple Victorian which sits right next to the entrance. The first time I visited this cemetery (I was seventeen, I think) I had lots of fantasies about moving there.

Through the gates we go.

The main path of the cemetery is lined in gorgeous trees, especially magnolias. Hollywood Cemetery is my favorite because it's a truly aesthetic cemetery. You follow the winding, twisting paths lined with large magnolias and everything is green. The center of the cemetery is a big hill, and from the top you can look out over the James river.

One of my main goals was to introduce my younger sister, now ten, to cemeteries. I've been very into the Death positive movement lately and I do think encouraging younger people to be okay with death and asking questions and talking about it without being hushed with "That's really morbid, let's talk about something else" is important. She loved it. She's so full of questions about death: What is cremation? Why do people chose cremation? What are those weird symbols on the grave? (They were Mason symbols.)

So here we go, through my favorite cemetery:

What are your favorite cemeteries?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Currently Trending: Death's Head Moths

Death Head Moths are everywhere lately, have you noticed them? Fat bodies, beautiful wings, and the distinctive skull are all over alternative fashion. Tattoos, clothing, accessories, home decor, and all sorts of other things have been decorated with these cute little insects.

If you're also interested in them, you might want to add a few of these to your closet and home:

What do you think of Death's Head moths as a trend? Cute or overdone?