Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Accessories to Murder Vial Earring Review

When I bought my green dress that I showed a few posts ago, I began looking for accessories which would match (my first instinct was something snakelike, as I still haven't shaken my Slytherin pride yet.) So when the lovely Leila of Accessories to Murder approached and asked if I wanted to review something from the store, I poked around. These green vial earrings seemed exactly right for my dress, so I requested them.

Accessories to Murder is based in Dublin, Ireland, so when I got the confirmation of shipment on June 2nd I didn't think I would be getting them for a while at least, but they came remarkably quickly on June 7th. The earrings were very secure, first wrapped in tissue paper, then in the thin box, and then in a larger package, so they came completely safe.

The beads are a gorgeous peridot green color and are hollow inside. The earrings come with an option to have them filled with either perfume or glitter, but I love how they are empty.

The metal at the top of the bead and the lever back are silver toned, but the loop in the center is green metal. I love this touch, it's unexpected and adds a very alternative touch to the earrings, something edgier than just another silver link.

When in the ear the earrings have a fair bit of dangle, which means that they'll be seen even with my long hair in a way that shorter earrings or studs wouldn't. I'm normally slightly dubious of this type of earring clasp because I have slightly pudgy earlobes and was worried they would be uncomfortable, but they fit perfectly. They also aren't too heavy, which makes them very comfortable.

So, I can't think of a downside for these earrings. They're absolutely gorgeous and work perfectly to go with my dress, and any other outfits that need a little touch of green. Please check out Accessories to Murder here to see the rest of their amazing line and the green vial earrings here. 

And, just for fun, what Hogwarts house are you all in?


  1. (the accessories to murder link is going to your dress post)

  2. I already loved the dress post, you looked so gorgeous! And I really like the green jump ring in your earrings, what a great detail.
    I'm a Gryffindor-Hufflepuff hatstall who convinced the hat to put me into Hufflepuff. Badger Pride!

    1. Thank you!

      Bless, it's so nice to see people reclaiming Hufflepuff as a badass house!

  3. They look beautiful, as did your gorgeous green dress! I too am in slytherin!

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