Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Black Velvet Cincher Review - True Corset

I own a fair few corsets by now, which is really fortunate for me as I've come to love them as inner wear as well as outer-wear. Nothing smoothes the line under a pretty slinky dress quite like a corset. I own several patterns and colors, black, silver, blue, striped, damask, but what I really have been wanting for quite some time was a black velvet corset. When True Corset approached me to ask if I would like to review one of their corsets, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to add to my collection and try out a new corset retailer.

The model I chose was this Steel Boned Black Velvet Cincher Corset. The package came from True Corset quite quickly and bundled up nicely. Of course, it's now approaching the humid, hot Maryland summer, so I wanted to wear it often sooner rather than later.

Unlike many corsets, this cincher does not have a peak under the bust and is largely flat all the way around. For me, this means that it's actually very comfortable to wear--where on a normal corset that peak interferes with my braline, this one doesn't at all. It also makes it an extremely versatile piece to be worn on top of any kind of outfit. The steel bones are very nicely supportive as well.

The laces on this corset are nice and sturdy and don't seem to be fraying at all around the grommets, which is good. On the inside, the corset is lined with a cottony fabric which keeps it from being hot and sticky against the skin. I couldn't find a stitch out of place on any of it.

Are there any downsides? Well, like any velvet fabric, the corset attracts lint and pet hair like a magnet. Still, Goths are pretty used to this by now, and if you don't mind giving yourself a nice lint rolling after cuddling Fluffy, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

All in all, though, I think this corset looks pretty great! It matches so many things in my closet and is going to be making a lot of appearances, especially when we reenter autumn and winter. I plan on keeping this corset as an outer piece, rather than a foundation garment, just because it's so pretty.

If you are in the market for a new corset, or if you just want to stock up your wishlist for when you are, check out True Corset! The link to this velvet cincher is right here, but there are tons of other options. Their Gothic corsets collection is pretty gorgeous and fits a range of sizes while not breaking the bank.

What is your favorite corset, if you have one? If not, would you wear velvet in the summer?


  1. I would most likely feel very uncomfortable if I tried to wear velvet in the summer.

  2. If I didn't spend all my free flow into sewing supplies, I'd probably buy more better made corsets for sure. My favorite one is a faux leather ribcage cameo one I purchased from Louise Black before she decided to stop making them RTW and increased the price of getting them custom.

    I will keep this one in mind! I am not always fond on the peak at the front, especially as a casual wear deal.
    As for velvet in summer, it never bothered me a ton, but this will be my first over 75% humidity type summer now that I live in Texas lol... so we'll see lol

  3. I like the fact it doesn't have a peak - I'm quite short and often find the peaks push up quite sharply & uncomfortably into my bra area. I also like the velvet, it's pretty.

  4. My favourite corset is my steelboned Burlesca black underbust corset. It is very confty and i feel pretty good wearing it.
    The only velvet thing i wear in summer is a little cape for the evening.

    Bat wishes,

  5. Oooh, I'm reviewing these guys too! So excited. Glad you like it. I feel the same way about peaks (they also make me boobs look super weird), so I'm glad I'm not alone.

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