Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gothic Sunglasses: Five Styles

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know that my account was hacked and that I spam-tweeted hundreds of people advertisements for fake Ray-Ban sunglasses. After changing my password and deleting all the tweets, I was left annoyed (I also lost a few followers, which is unfortunate but reasonable.) So, fuck it, I'm blogging about actual sunglasses that I would want to wear today.


Does anyone talk about vampire Goth anymore? I remember it a lot in the earlier 2000's but then we got boring and decided we didn't like wearing vampire fangs and gorgeous faux-medieval/victorian flowing dresses (outside of photoshoots, anyway). Shame on us, really.

Anyway, these sunglasses would do well for any sophisticated aristocratic / romantic / victorian / vampire goth aesthetic, especially for people who prefer a more masculine style. These are from Etsy.


Steampunk folk don't just have to wear goggles! They can also wear sunglasses. I'm cheating here, of course, because these glasses have a google-like vibe to them (but slightly less likely to make your face super sweaty. Which I think we can all agree is a good thing.)

I love the gold touches on these and I think they would fit a lot of Steampunk / Dieselpunk / vintage kind of vibes. And I think by now I've blathered on enough about how much I like gold, especially in more Gothy styles. These are from eBay.


Gothabilly (or Rockabilly, or 50's Pin-Up, or whatever you want to call it) has, in my opinion, really the best sunglasses. Cateyes are absolutely iconic. They're great for my face shape, so I might be biased, but I love a vintage looking cat-eye, from the subtle to the ridiculous. These ones are from Sunglasses Warehouse.


Yeah, I'm letting the Nu-Goths in on this action. I actually really like the circle frame aesthetic that's so common among Nu-Goths. They add a little bit of a modern flair to Goth outfits and I've seen them a lot on Instagram and other fashion sites. I don't know that it would work for my round, heart-shaped face, but they're cute on other people. These frames are from Eye Buy Direct.

Cutesy Goth

These sunglasses give me a lot of nostalgia for when Lolita was really going strong in Goth fashion and so was decoden. If you're not an old veteran of that particular Kawaii DIY phenomenon, Lovelyish has a great post with pretty pictures. Basically, for a while, people covering their phones, laptops, mirrors, and pretty much any flat surface with gems and cabochens was all over alternative fashion forums. I think we could bring this back. These ones are from Etsy.

What kinds of sunglasses are you all carrying around as the sun gets brighter and the weather gets warmer?


  1. You forgot the aviators for the more biker goth inclined of us lol. I wore aviators almost exclusively until my dad gave me a pair of adorable subtle cat eye (they're rounder than typical cat eye glassed but have the distinctive slant on the corners) and now they're my go to 😎

  2. those first glasses do look straight out of 90s White Wolf. I saw a few people try to bring mirror shades back. those are so hilariously out of style, but they are so awesome!

  3. Thanks for this post! I love all of these, but I have to admit the last ones are my favorites. :-) I still wear the same pair of prescription sunglasses I got in the 90s, mainly because they still work extremely well for me even now because they let me read road signs from rather far away! But when I eventually have to get a new (and probably expensive) pair, I will definitely be looking for a more gothic style!

    Sorry your account got hacked, that is SO annoying (happened to me a couple of times, bleah.)

  4. I have a very small head and have to buy children's sunglasses which limit my options. I'm currently rocking a pair of 50s style square frames that are not goth but could fall into rockabilly retro.

    I once bought some little round ones a la John Lennon without realising they had teeny pictures of Simba from the Lion King on the legs....not cool. Not cool at all!

    You still see lots of vampire goths in Whitby at goth weekend (this week actually but I'm not going until the November festival). They look amazing but it's usually raining and bleak so there is little need for sunglasses!

  5. I have dioptric glasses so I don´t wear sunglasses (and that´s why I´m blind as bat when it´s sunny outside :D), but if I would, I would probably go for some kind of steampunky or vampiric ones. But I like the nu-goth ones, too. They look cute. :D Maybe I should buy some...I can´t wear them if they are not dioptric, but they would probably be nice for photos. :D

  6. Mine have coffin shaped glasses and bat temple stems ^_^ <3 love those with tiny round glasses though!

  7. ...Since when were circle glasses "so common" to Nu-Goth? Last I checked they were also staples among the dark clad types.

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