Saturday, March 5, 2016

Witchy Home Decor

Now that I am graduating soon and on the hunt for apartments, I've turned my eye back to home decor. Working with a very limited budget means I probably won't implement a lot of these, but it's still fun to look! Personally I keep gravitating towards witchy or occult inspired home decor as something I might like to try, so here are some ways I think I could incorporate that into my home decor.

1. Ouija

If you're not worried about roommates or parents dropping in and asking you why you're worshipping Satan, a decorative ouija board in a side table or propped up on a dresser lends instant occult appeal. I would personally love to see one on a coffee or side table or a vanity which would be extremely gorgeous. These are also fully usable, if you're interesting in contacting the paranormal (or freaking out your friends, whichever works.)

I'm personally enamored by these hand-crafted ones from Enchanted Rumors on Etsy. They come in gold, white, and silver and with lots of different designs that are absolutely better than the versions you can get at most toy stores for children. If the whole ouija board doesn't appeal to you, you can also get just the planchettes or crystal grids or pendulum boards from the same store, all of which are completely usable as well as absolutely gorgeous.

2. Greenery 

What better way to make your home look witchy than by putting greenery everywhere? You could go for either cut flowers in vases or live ones. I might even string up herbs in the sunshine to let them dry and then use them in different recipes. I love this tutorial for a lavender wreath, too.

If you don't have a green thumb yourself, there are lots of low-energy plant options for you. I have a spiderplant that I accidentally left on the window of my dorm room over winter break (so several weeks without water and next to a freezing window) and it was alive when I got back. You can also get certain cacti and succulents that are low maintenance, or these adorable little marimo algae balls which look like something out of Studio Ghibli! Use your imagination.

3. Jars

Every single witch I've ever known, myself included, love jars. Jars have infinite uses and there is something so, so satisfying. You can either fill up your home with different jars (empty or full of herbs and powders) but you can also take influence from most mainstream home organizers. So many decorators I follow (because I'm a nerd) recommend decanting your pantry ingredients from their boxes into clear jars or containers and I thought this was an adorable idea that absolutely fits a witchy home theme. If you don't want to do this for your cereal, just doing it for coffee/tea that you keep out on the counter is a fantastic idea.

I don't have a direct shop to link (the image to the left is from this blog) for jars because you can really pick them up from anywhere. I've found an amazing amount of them at Michaels and other craft stores but you can also use any food jars you have around the house. If you're stuck with a stubborn label on a glass jar, you can mix equal parts coconut oil and baking soda to get it off. If you like you can decorate them to look more purposefully "witchy" with tutorials like this one.

4. Candles

I love candles of all kinds, from the jarred ones at Bath & Bodyworks or Yankee Candle to independently made pretty shapes and unique scents. Different candles can suit different rooms (or intents, as the case may be) but I imagine most Gothy types would prefer black, white, red, or purple candles. These candles are expensive but so, so gorgeous and they're from For Real Surreal Club on Etsy. The black ones have a black cedar scent but you can also get them in lots of other different colors and scents like green peppermint, purple lavender, red geranium, and orange cinnamon. You can display them on dressers or tables, in bird cages, or anywhere else. You can also stock up on different candle holders which can dress up even the plainest of tea lights into something gorgeous and witchy.

Just remember, and I know I say this every time I post about candles on this blog, candle safety and try not to leave candles along or near fabric (or around pets). We don't want our homes burning down.

5. Crystals

There are lots of different ways that you can display crystals in your home, from a scattering of tumbled stones to crystal balls on delicate stands. I'm personally very fond of seeing them by windows which is a great way to make them catch the light and sparkle--although some crystals (such as amethyst) fade in sunlight, so that's something to watch out for.

By way of warning, there is a large marker for faux crystals out there. If you're not that fussed about having the genuine article you can probably find class "crystals" for fairly cheap, but if not look for reputable dealer and maybe google a little bit about the crystal you're trying to buy to make sure the display picture looks correct (i.e. if you're trying to buy a quartz obelisk, make sure it doesn't have any air bubbles.)

So here are my few tips for adding a witchy flair to your home decor! This isn't meant to insult any actual witches out there and I personally am not bothered by non-witches adopting a witchy "style." If you want to see more like this, I also created a new Pinterest board to add witchy home decor to, which you can see here! I might include a follow-up post to this one sometime later because there's so much more than can be said, including creating little curios and using lots of drapey fabric shawls, but for now this seems like a good place to start.

How would you implement witchy decor to your home?


  1. I love those crystal grids for a way to display your crystals, but I can't see myself spending the money for a board with some lines on it. Seems lie the easiest thing in the world to diy!!

  2. I am really really into the idea of a witchy kitchen at the moment! Just something about the jars full of stuff, herbs strung up around the kitchen, old fashioned kettle, even saucepans that look a bit like cauldrons, just yesss <3

  3. When my partner and I get a place, I'm gonna start collecting old Ouija boards to hang on the walls. I think they make for great framed pieces, especially if you glue the planchette onto the frame itself!

    With regards to jars, if people find them to be too sparse at thrift shops or too expensive anywhere else, consider mini alcohol bottles - I love using them for small spells, storing ground herbs, etc. And they look great tucked just about anywhere.

  4. I think these are good ways of witches and non-witches adopting a witchy style - it's not all pentagrams, triquetras, and Goddesses and other symbolic and religious stuff that are more the religious aspect, and I feel is appropriative when people who aren't into Wicca or Neo-Paganism use. A lot of the 'witchy' aesthetic is really a mixture of the fantasy-witchcraft aesthetic and the herbalist aesthetic rather than anything tied specifically to actual Neo-Pagan and local Traditional Witchcraft, anyway - it's just that most of us modern Witches tend to like the connections to those aesthetics too -especially as Traditional Witchcraft and herbal medicine/herbalism often overlapped. I can't see any witches would have a problem with non-witches using that aesthetic - it's a million miles from actually problematic stuff like having Wiccan symbols on a T-shirt that says "Hail Satan".

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