Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Goth Hauls and Unboxing Playlist

I can't be the only one who sometimes binge-watches hauls and unboxing videos? There's something just fun and entertaining and inspiring about seeing people's new purchases and such without it needing to be a full review. Today's post is another playlist of Goth-related Hauls and Unboxings from some of my favorite Goth Youtubers.

 Do you like watching Hauls and Unboxing videos? Do you make them yourself?


  1. I love watching hauls/unboxing videos. Especially the Spooky Box Club ones.

  2. Thanks for the playlist! I didn't watch unboxings before (even though I made one myself) but I think I'm getting into it now. ^^

  3. I really love unboxing and haul videos. They are probably one of my favourite themes of videos, and I don´t even know why. But, even on my old blog, posts with new stuff I bought were one of the most popular ones. :D
    Thanks for the playlist. :)

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