Saturday, March 19, 2016

Goth Festival Wear with RebelsMarket

It's about to snow up here in Massachusetts, but ignoring that it is almost summer and almost festival season. Whether you're looking for something to wear to a gig this year or if you just want some ideas for Goth clothing that won't kill you in the summer heat, I love these looks.

All of these outfits were all put together with clothing from RebelsMarket, the amazing people who helped me run the Gothic ring giveaway just last year. They have a lot of alternative clothing in stock from all different sellers, including some that specialize in gothic clothing. So, thank you to them (watch this spot, we might have a new giveaway coming up soon) and let's get right into the looks:

This first one is a pretty easy look with a Mistress of the Macabre tank top and shorts, which I just added accessories to. Festival clothing doesn't have to be too elaborate to look great. The shorts are velvet but because of how short they are and because they're on the lower half of your body, they shouldn't boil you alive like a velvet jacket would.  I love the cross choker on this look, too.

Goth Festival Wear: Heat

Next up is this look which is all about the spikes for me (Side note: as I was researching for this post I made an offhand comment to the person I'm currently seeing that all goth clothing is covered in spikes, to which she responded "That sounds dangerous." Just thought it was cute and that I would share.) The stockings have attached garters to them which are gorgeous, little details like this add gothy interest to a look without too many layers.

Goth Festival Wear: Spikes

For summer I love sheer chiffon-like tops but I also love layering them with more structured things like harnesses or corsets to add a bit of contrast (Note: if you're hoping not to break any public indecency laws, wear some kind of tank top / bandeau under this shirt. It's very sheer.) The jeans would be great if you know you're going to be sitting around in the grass and you can absolutely add some DIY touches with patches or shredding if you desire.

Goth Festival Wear: Sheer

So this look is very much so more Gothic Victorian, but if you were going to attend any festivals that require a bit more dressing up (I'm thinking about Wave Gotik Treffen personally) this is a great look.  Yes, there is a corset involved, so please drink lots of water and lace less tightly if you need. The star of this show is clearly the skirt which is super detailed and lovely with a lacey hem to give a bit of breathability. I love the look of Victorian blouses but the sleeves seemed a bit much for me (if you had a shawl to add, that'd be a great touch.) Make sure to add sunglasses, a parasol, and a fan to keep cool.)

Goth Festival Wear: Gothic Victorian

Skirt - Blouse - Corset - Fan - Parasol - Sunglasses - Shoes - Necklace - Choker

We've talked about witchy fashion before on this blog and I mentioned that it was better for autumn, but here's my take on something a bit more for summer. I started with this maxi skirt and I wanted a long sleeved blouse, but to make it better for summer I found this one with partial sheer sleeves. Perfect! They add a fantastic witchy flair without too much heat (bonus: they cover your arms to prevent too much sun exposure.) The rest is just accessories, including these Death's Head Moth hair clips which I adore.

Goth Festival Wear: Witchy

Next up, something for our gentlemen:

This first look is pretty basic with my favorite graphic tee that I found on RebelsMarket, this tarot card one, and just added black jeans and boots as well as a couple of accessories. I love the idea of putting patches on jeans (I just recently put a patch on the back pocket of my favorite pair of shorts, would recommend.) 

Goth Festival Wear: Mens

T-Shirt - Jeans - Boots - Belt - Bracelet - Tunnels - Patch

One thing RebelsMarket has in abundance are patches so I took advantage of this to "decorate" a black faux leather jacket. If leather is too hot for the festivals where you live, a black denim jacket or even a vest does exactly the same thing. I also added a mesh shirt to keep things cool and because I love how they look, but if you're one of our more modest goth fellas out there you could layer with a t-shirt or a tank top. 

Goth Festival Wear: Mens #2

So these are just a few festival-appropriate looks for my fellow spooky types out there. Thank you again to RebelsMarket for collaborating with me on this project! I love these looks and I can't wait to take my first summer after graduating and celebrate by going to as many events as I can.

Are you all planning to go to any summer festivals or gigs? If so, what will you be wearing?


  1. Have you had a positive experience ordering from them? I've heard some not-so-nice things about their customer experience.

  2. Elena - My name is James - Founder RebelsMarket. You will not regret shopping at RebelsMarket. I would guarantee any purchase that you make. Also understand that in any business you will always have a certain level of negative feedback; which is healthy.

    If you have any question feel free to email me at james[at]

  3. So far the only summer concert I have planned is The Cure in Baltimore this June. I don't have any kind of outfit in mind yet, but it will likely involve a pair of boots and tons of bug spray since we're in the lawn section. I'm really hoping for no rain that night.

  4. I love these looks, but wouldn't be able to wear some of them in Australian heat >_<

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