Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mr. Ghost Parcel - February

This month's Evil Supply Co. Mr Ghost Parcel theme is Positivity & Necromancy and I was expecting a very cheerful, fun parcel and that's exactly what I got! For the uninitiated, Mr. Ghost Parcel's are a monthly subscription from Evil Supply Co. stocked with fantastic goodies (such as notebooks, stickers, and patches) with a delightfully ghoulish theme. 

Once again, thank you to Evil Supply Co. for sending this my way--y'all are the best. 

Here's the overview of the entire parcel:

Like last month's parcel, this month contains a fabric bag rather than a silk-screened plastic folder. I do miss the folders, but I've found this bag pretty useful as well. My other one is currently holding all of the patches and badges I have been accumulating to add to my future punk vest project. This month's I might use to hold some crafting supplies, but here are some other options I've found:
  • Makeup bag 
  • Cord holder
  • Snack pouch for work or school
  • Craft supply bag
  • Hold receipts or other small papers you need to keep
  • Keep things organized in your bag/purse
  • Actually keep your ESC stuff in it maybe

Next up are the notecards and envelopes. Unlike last month, these are the classic fold-open cards which I do tend to prefer but I suppose it's nice to have a mixture. I absolutely love the skeleton one, it's very cute and very Evil Supply Co. The envelopes are plain purple and light blue.

Next up is the art print and the patch. The art print would be absolutely adorable in a little frame, so I'm tucking mine away for now until I can find one that I specifically like. The patch is also very cute, with a little cheerful skull. This will be going straight into the patch bag to add to the vest.

Next up are my favorite part of the Mister Ghost parcels: the notebooks! Honestly if you buy nothing else from Evil Supply Co. (although you should, obviously, I post about them so often and love them dearly) the notebooks are a fantastic idea. There are several designs right now on their store that will be in my next order if I can help it.
This month are two really fantastic ones. The first is a green one with the front announcing "Research Notes on the Undead." Yes, it's very tempting to use this one as a research journal for my history seminar. The other is also perfect-- "THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN LIFE IS BEING A TOTAL BASTARD." This could either be a quote book, a happy memory journal, or a to-do list. Personally I'm going to save this for my to-do lists around finals time this April.

Lastly are the stickers! There are two cute little ghost stickers this time around which I really love, they almost remind me of the Mario ghosts. I'm definitely going to be hoarding these. The graveyard stickers are a little bit weirder to work with (call me slow, it took me a little while to figure out that the lighting on the back right tombstone--Art History major fail) but I love the color scheme and I'm sure I can find a use for them.

So, that was this month's Evil Supply Co. Mister Ghost parcel! The next parcel's theme is entitled The Business of Vampires and I am so excited to see it-- anything vampire themed is probably pretty good by me. If you want to purchase yours or subscribe to the package and get yours along with me, go to their website here.

Also, to add to my list, what would you use the new ESC bags for?


  1. Could probably use one of those bags to hold toiletries.

  2. that ghost-bag is so adorable ♥

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