Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mr. Ghost Parcel - January

This month the Evil Supply Co. Mr Ghost Parcel is a little bit different! When I heard they were making a few changes I was really interested--I feel like Evil Supply Co. can do no wrong at this point. Besides, this month's theme, The Potion Maker's Authority, is really cute and I very much appreciate it.

Note: If you don't know what these parcels are, just check my previous posts! 

Here is the overview of the entire parcel:

Something new for the Mr. Ghost Parcel this time around is what it comes in! From now on Evil Supply Co. is replacing the screen printed folders with a fabric pouch. This makes the parcel smaller and easier to ship, which is a plus, and also is a bit sturdier than the folders. While I love the folders and rave about them pretty much every time (and will continue to use the ones that I have), the pouch is also pretty great and can be used for a lot of different things. This time around it was printed with this beautiful skull in a bottle print. Currently I'm using it as my sticker storage.

The first thing I pulled out were these stickers, which are a bit different than the usual Evil Supply Co stickers. These stickers are intended to be bottle labels and I absolutely love them. They're very sturdy vinyl and I hope there are more of these to come in the future! It'd be wonderful to have a little collection of bottles with these labels on them on display in your home!

Next up are the note cards. These ones are not fold-open cards but double sided and they're really, really pretty. It's a little bit hard to see in this picture but the white ones have gorgeous green scrollwork and a tiny subtle bottle with a skull in it and i absolutely love them. The envelopes that come with them are plain orange and pink, a bit bright and plain for my taste but a great canvas for decorating with pens or stickers or washi tape.

Because the package is smaller this time around the print included isn't as big as past ones--it's about the size of a postcard, which is perfect if you wanted something small to frame. This one advertises Mermaid's breath.

Lastly are the pocket notebooks and these are fantastic! I use pocket notebooks for to-do lists, catch-alls, blog post ideas, tarot readings, keeping my addresses, writing down quotes, and so much more. These two patterns are really pretty and I'm glad to add them to my little collection. I think I'll be using the red bat potion one for my next to-do list.

Next month's theme is Positivity and Necromancy. Speaking as a person who has another Evil Supply Co. poster on her door which says "Spread Necromancy Not Gossip," I'm delighted by this. If you want to join me and purchase one of your own, you can do so here!

Just to switch things up, what theme would you like to see Evil Supply Co. do a Mr. Ghost parcel in?


  1. These parcels are great! It must be so fun to open up each new one when it arrives. :D

  2. Really, REALLY cute!

    - IVA -

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