Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: Bat Black Lipstick

Pretty much everyone who wears makeup has holy grail products that they search for--the perfect liquid eyeliner or the perfect foundation can pretty much haunt us (and pretty inevitably when we find them they get discontinued. Sigh.) But anyway, if your holy grail product is a black lipstick, I might have something here for you sent to me by the lovely folks over at Rivithead. 

In their introductory e-mail Rivithead pitched it as black lipstick "by goths, for goths" which gave me a laugh. Maybe I've just read too many articles where non-Goths are trying to assure their readers "no, really, you can wear black lipstick in a way that isn't goth!!! We wouldn't want that, now would we?"


Anyway, the lipstick comes in a black tube that is printed with the Rivithead branding and a red biohazard symbol on the cap.

The Bat Black lipstick is a creamy semi-glossy formula that goes on very smoothly. It does take a minute to build up (though not long, and wearing a black lipliner underneath helps a lot) but when it does it is a fantastic pure black.

I have a problem with keeping lipsticks on my lips at the best of times even with hard-wearing kinds so I wasn't surprised that I had to reapply this after eating (you can see a bit of the wear on the insides of my lips in the photograph on the left.)

At the best of times a black lipstick look isn't going to be maintenance-free, and the creamy formula doesn't help (but because it's winter and chapped lips are the devil, I'm more than happy to put up with this softer formula and having to reapply.) The lipstick is 10USD and, in my opinion, the quality is much better than cheaper black lipsticks out there so it's worth it. It's even better than some of the gross, drying black lipsticks that mainstream brands tend to produce when the gods of fashion proclaim black lipstick to be "in" this season.

Note: I've been using Rivithead's Jet Black eyeliner pencil as my lipliner because I find that switching between eyes and lips with the same pencil (even if you are sanitizing and sharpening between) is a little bit gross and I love it so far! It definitely locks it into place.

If you want to pick up Rivithead's Bat Black lipstick, you can do so on their website here! You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @rivithead and on Facebook here. If you want an extra 16% off of you order, use the code NEW16 at check out.

What is your favorite black lipstick? Alternatively, do you have a holy grail product that you've been trying to find?


  1. Oooooh, I've got to try this, it sounds great!! But there's no link to the website in your post, only to FB. No worries, I'll find it... ;-)

  2. My favorite black lipstick is from Portland Black Lipstick company. It holds up pretty well for a few hours worth of dancing/drinking, and doesn't dry my lips out terribly. I'd love to find a great matte black, but they all seem to be way too drying for my liking. Right now I get by with setting my regular lipsticks with translucent powder.

  3. Lipstick bases like ArtDeco's one really helps me to keep lip products on. Nothing stayes otherwise longer than 10 min. :/ But this helps! :)

    - IVA

  4. Nice! I actually prefer glossy and lots of moisture :D Thanks for the review.

  5. I like the packaging, it's a nice touch. I get what you mean about it being adopted by the mainstream and can be worn as "not goth". A little eye roll there.

  6. I love dark lippy colors, black I tend to reserve for special occasions-- whereas I use an eggplant or blood crimson for everyday these days. I have not found my grail for black lipstick, particularly because I'm not very fond of high gloss which they tend to come in-- it takes too much shadow product to bring that down to a reasonable amount, hence why I reserve usage. This one looks like just the right amount of gloss vs. matte, though!

  7. One of my favorites that i've been using for about a year is from NYX's Macaron set. It's really creamy and i love it. But after it runs out I might try this or Portland Black Lipstick Co

  8. Hi there! New reader here from Finland. :)

    I love Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in a shade "Weirdo". Seriously, it stays put waaayy over six hours, its 100 % matte and it's comfortable and reliable almost through the day. I purchased mine from Cocktailcosmetics website. Though you have to touch it up slightly after drinking and eating, as the case is always when dealing with lipstick. I highly recommend it! <3

  9. Nyx has a black lipliner called "Black Berry". It is quite reasonably priced like all the brands products. Yes, I also thought that these kind of things are impossible to find, but I found out this info after some searching. :D I have it and I like it a lot. It doesen't bleed that much which is great and it stays put quite a long time. :)

    When I was a teen, which is over ten years ago, I used to buy way too much cheap black lipstick and well, of course, the quality sucked always. Still, I kept wearing these many years, since there really wasn't any good products available. Unlike these times. I really think one should pay a bit more for this colour since I think it is the most dramatic and noticable to public eye when it goes wrong or the formula is bad. And we don't want that, do we? ;)

  10. I love Kat Von D's solid and liquid lipsticks, but I recently picked up a $5 black lipstick from Hot Topic's Blackheart line and it's surprisingly good. Creamy formula, wears well, and doesn't stain. The only reason I don't wear lipstick everyday is I love kissing my baby too much lol

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