Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mr. Ghost Parcel - November & December Double Feature

The thing I like about subscription boxes is that it's something to look forward to every month consistently. Sure, I might order a package every now and again but even if I don't I know I have my Mister Ghost every month. In November I ended up being very busy with work and school so I didn't get to post my review of my ESC parcel, so here is a double feature!

The first box is called "Friends, Fiends, and Family." It comes packaged in a green sleeve with screen printed monster pals on it, which I thought were very cute and indicative of ESC's general style. I was very glad to add this one to my collection.

Here's an overview of the entire parcel:

The first thing I pulled out was the art print which is a cozy sweater-like or embroidered print which reads "Darkness Bless This Haunted Mess." Finally I have somenthing to hang on my door so that people are forewarned when I haven't cleaned my room properly. I think this would be a great print for any kind of entryway or even a cluttered office, it's really very cute.

Also included were these cute little stickers with skulls saying Hi! and Hugs & Hexes. I especially love the Hugs & Hexes one. I'm sure these would be very cute for care packages or other happy mail  but I usually put my ESC stickers on my planner so I can keep them all to myself. Oops.

The note cards in this package, on the other hand, are so good I want to share them with the world. My favorite is the purple Hugs! one. The art style gives me a lot of nostalgia for some of the cartoons I watched when I was younger (of the Boomerang meets Power Puff Girls variety.) It's adorable.

Next up is the December parcel! This month's theme was Eldritch Lumberjack. This parcel came in possibly my favorite folder so far with this gorgeous creepy skull on it. It was love at first sight. 

Here's the parcel in its entirety.

 Jumping right into it, let me show you my favorite thing. The notecards this month came with these wood grain envelopes. Now, I don't usually like to badger Evil Supply Co. into offering Mister Ghost items separately. I think that takes away from some of the fun of the Mister Ghost parcel. But! I need so many of these. So many. Anyone would appreciate receiving these, but especially people who wouldn't appreciate something covered in skulls (like the rest of my stationary.) I already used one to write a thank-you note to my Environmental Studies professor because I knew she'd appreciate it and now I need a full pack. A+ on this one, guys.

 Here are the note cards that came with them. These ones are cute little vignette like cards which I like, they fit the theme well.
 Next up is the large art print that came in the folder. I love the colors of this one, it's a really great pop on my rather boring beige walls. Hopefully sometime I can get these prints framed so I can make a little gallery wall of the ESC prints because I love them so much.

 Next up are the stickers. Like all ESC stickers these are nice and sturdy vinyl, which is good because I think a thinner sticker would have meant that the axes were quite fragile but they're perfect like this. The detail of the stickers is lost a little bit in these pciture but those circular ones are logs and in the center of the tree rings is a little signature Evil Supply Co. skull. Very cute.

 Lastly are the notebooks. These ones are fantastic--they look pink in this picture but that's only because they were on my very crimson comforter, but these are red in real life. I love the designs and I can never complain about getting more of these notebooks. I use them for everything--daily to-do lists, daily space to jot down notes, recording tarot readings, brainstorming blog post ideas, whatever! They're so useful.

So! Those were the last two Evil Supply Co. Mister Ghost parcels I received. Again, I feel like each of these packages is better than the last. So! If you want to get in on the next one (the theme is The Potion Maker's Authority) check them out on their website here. It's a great value and you can try it out for one month or subscribe, which gives you a discount.


  1. I'm kind of kicking myself for not jumping on last month's parcel because I really love the print. I've started buying plain black frames for my smaller ESC prints, but I'm still waiting to find something special for the Mister Ghost print I got in October. I'd love to see your whole collection when you get it all put together.

    1. The issue is that I use so many of the items I don't know if my collection would be very striking! Except maybe my mini notebooks, which I keep even when they're full!

  2. Cute stuff! I would love to prescribe at Spooky box club. Once my finances are better, I will.

    1. I've purchased some items from them before but never got a chance to try one of the full boxes, I might try that as well!

  3. I love sub boxes!
    I currently sub to Sci-fi block, part of Nerd Blocks line of blocks.
    They have a Horror Block, which I tried out and absolutely adored... but since it's a thing my husband and I both get, we went with just sci fi-- since he hates horror lol.

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