Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Alternative Decorative Planners: My November Spreads

November was not an especially Gothy month for me on the planner front. The Erin Condren vertical planner that I use has a beautiful turquoise color for the month of November so I wanted to play that up as much as I could. Besides that, I've been having a lot of trouble finding Goth appropriate stickers post-Halloween! Which is a bummer. It's not that I'm surprised, but it's going to be kind of annoying finding things to make these spreads appropriate for gothy types. Still, here's a look at the planner spreads I did make for the month of November.

 P.S. If you're not familiar with my decorative planning, check out my first post here and then my October spreads. Most of the stickers are from Etsy and the washi tapes are either from Etsy or Michaels. For more specifics, follow me on Instagram @theeverydaygoth where I tag the shops that I use in every spread.

First up is my monthly spread. This spread isn't particularly busy, which is weird considering how many things I had to do this month. I think if I filled in everything I had to do I would have just not been able to read it. Still, I loooove the clocks washi I used here and the blue flower washi, both from Etsy.

So I'll start off with November first, which just happened to be my Halloween spread which you've all seen before. I loved this week, the classic black and orange spread really got me in the mood for Halloween. It was crazy busy but that was perfect for me.

From November 2nd  to November 8th I did a peacock theme. I loved these colors together, the were perfect for my mood and all of these feather stickers are gorgeous. I still have a handful of these so maybe I'll fit them into another spread somewhere.
Next up I did my most gothy spread of the month: pastel goth Monster High! I found a booklet of Monster High stickers from Michaels on sale for a dollar and I just dumped them all into this spread. I love that bat washi down at the bottom and that "RIP Work Week" sticker. It definitely put me in a fantastic mood.

Unfortunately, next up I did a spread that I'm not all that thrilled about. This was supposed to be a vintage circus theme but I just don't think I had enough stickers to really pull this off and make it work. Also, I decided to write in a gold gel pen but that just made it more difficult to read and it seems messier to me so... bleh. 

This is another spread that is super not gothy but I'm absolutely in love with it so I don't care. This is November 23rd to November 29th and, since it was Thanksgiving week, I wanted to do something that reminded me of home. I picked these gorgeous turquoise, orange, and brown colors and did a folksy theme that reminds me a lot of my mother. So, I call this week a success overall. 

Lastly, this is the upcoming spread for November 30th-December 6th. I haven't used this week yet, as you can see, so it's just what my spreads tend to look like at the beginning of the week. As you can see, it's Slytherin themed because that's my Hogwarts house (and because I'm obsessed with green and silver as a color scheme, which transitions well into the ECLP December colors which are green and light blue.) This was also a fantastic week for washi-- that green washi at the bottom with the scrolls is one of my favorites, as are the silver keys that are in my sidebar.

So this month I didn't do a lot of Gothy spreads, but that's alright. Next month I do have a fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas spread planned which should get me back some of my Goth points.

Are you guys excited for December? What do you have planned?


  1. Beautiful planner Mary. I was just wondering, have you tried checking amazon for goth or halloween stickers? or perhaps checking at a local craft store to see if they perhaps have anything left in the back from October?

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