Saturday, November 21, 2015

Goth Hair Without Dye?

I recently began reading your blogs and they've been so very helpful.
However, I had a question about natural hair color and working with it.
I have naturally medium brown hair and I'm unsure how to work it with a everyday goth look. I'm unwilling to dye or bleach my hair so it makes a lot of my everday things look "normal".
I'd like to hear any help or tips, and I'd love to hear your opinions.
Thank You Very Much,

Hi Pandora!

You absolutely do not need to dye your hair any kind of color to be a Goth. Yes, many Goths do color their hair to some degree but it's certainly not all of us.

Black and Red Ombre Clip in
If you want to try less-permanent color, though, you definitely have a few options.

There are colored clip-in extensions which you can add to your hair. These either come in thin strands of color for you to arrange over your scalp or one wide band of hair that you clip in under your normal hair and then blend into it. These are fantastic because you can buy several and switch them up fairly regularly.

You can use hair chalks (which have come miles and miles from the ones I used as a kid in the late 90's-- see It's Black Friday try some on her hair here.)  These give a "dye" to your hair without any permanent effects, although they can sometimes be slightly messy.

Lastly, you can also wear wigs. Now, some people seem to shy away from wigs on a regular basis. I get that, but there are so many people who wear fabulous wigs on a daily basis so you could at least consider it! One of my favorite Youtubers I mentioned a while back is Drew Disaster who wears beautiful wigs pretty regularly so check out her videos if you want to see what it might look like for you!

But you don't have to try to alter the color of your natural hair if you really don't want to! You can also just Goth up the rest of your look and not bother with hair color at all.

When I got your e-mail I thought immediately of someone I admire on Tumblr, the lovely Anna Hako who has brown hair and some of the most beautiful Gothic outfits I've ever seen. She's also a milliner and you can see her work on her Tumblr here.

One thing you can do is look into hair styles that make your hair visually interesting without the need for dye. Braids, buns, curls, teasing, whatever fits best with your look! Grav3yard Girl on Youtube has this beautiful late-Victorian inspired braided hair bun tutorial which I think would compliment any kind of romantic-gothic style very well. You could also go Trad-Goth and tease it up a la Drac Makens. If that's too elaborate, my go-to prettied-up hairstyle is to take the hair on my temples and pull it back in an elastic and then braid it. It's simple but it also keeps it out of my face and looks pretty nice.

If you find your hair too flat to do that kind of thing to, you might consider asking for layers when you go in for your next hair cut! Or you could do something more dramatic like an undercut if you wanted to.

By Love Like Style on Etsy
Then, it's time to start adding accessories!

Hats, alice bands, bows, and clips can all add a lot of Gothic flair to a look and they're available from a lot of different places on Etsy and elsewhere. If you prefer a simpler approach, find some pretty Gothic ribbon (there are some gorgeous Halloween ribbons still out there for this, but black lace will also work) and either bow it or braid it into your hair.

Hair clips are also a great thing to DIY because they're generally small and don't require a lot of expensive materials (although this will vary, of course, depending on how elaborate you want to get.) Here's a fantastic tutorial for a bat hair bow by Hello Batty on Youtube that I've been wanting to try lately.

Readers, do you prefer your natural hair color? If so, how do you goth-up your look?


  1. My hair is natural, an ash brown, very dull. I say she has to hang up some more extreme goth styles... Something like cyber looks lame with natural hair. But it's kind of a great time to have natural hair as a goth, as a lot of looks are less extreme now. I second your use of braids and accessories. Big boho braids are in, and there are a lot of goths dying their hair brown-red, and they look fantastic. Also with a big hat and some sunglasses, you'll be #nugoth #softgrunge #witchy #etc

  2. In high school (in the late 80s) my folks wouldn't let me dye my hair so I used hats and hair accessories. I do dye my hair black now but I know some goths sight lovely brown hair (light and dark).

  3. Other than a couple of brief periods (like 3 weeks tops) of dying my hair unnatural colours I've been a natural haired goth for over a decade. There's a few reasons for this but the big one is that I'm lazy, suck at haircare and dye is messy. Also I donate my hair to charity so I can only use the kind of dyes that don't last well and are the most messy =P (no bleach, no ammonia etc.)

    I've never considered that having natural hair made me look less goth - because I never think about anyone else's definition of goth I guess. I like wearing outrageous clothes whenever it's remotely practical and I love the music, so for me goth is home, but hair dye is a hassle!

  4. I agree with others, your hair doesn't define you and you can look just as goth with natural hair as any other colour. It's not about other people's definition of what makes you goth, it's about feeling the most authentic version of yourself and how you feel that goth fits into your own life.

  5. I agree with others, your hair doesn't define you and you can look just as goth with natural hair as any other colour. It's not about other people's definition of what makes you goth, it's about feeling the most authentic version of yourself and how you feel that goth fits into your own life.

  6. You don't need to dye your hair to be goth but there are some washout colors she could try if she wanted or if her folks permitted. Some wash out after a shampoo.

  7. Back in the late 80s/early 90s when I was still at school my mum was quite cautious of me dying my hair in case the school had an issue but we found henna did a really good job and lasted a while. Back in those days you had to mix it from powder and it was a pretty messy (but fun) business but a few years in Spiritual Sky started doing liquid henna premixed and that was fab. Henna is also good for your hair so it doesn't dry it out like some other dyes.

  8. Forever I thought I had to have black hair to be goth- as the only red head in my family, my mother never let me dye it. Now days, I might change up the shade of red but that's it. I rely on style and my crazy curls to get the edgy preraphaelite sort of goth look I'm after. I henna now and only use body art quality henna. You can get some amazing shades with BAQ henna!

  9. I've died my hair for the past 10 years and last year I started growing my natural hair a bit only to discover gray hairs and how boring of a natural brown shade it is.

    I did survive my early goth days with my natural hair and I think natural hair looks awesome with that gothy-victorian look and feel.
    I do own quite a lot of natural color wigs nowadays... go figure XD

  10. I had dyed my hair part of middle school and all through high school. I've only bleached part of my hair once for orange dye. I loved having my hair colored, but I cut it off and have not dyed it in a long time. I love wearing hats, beanies, and head scarves. There are some beautiful things that can be done with scarves--braids, twists, turbans, etc. There's a lot of tutorials online.

  11. I have naturally black hair. The big downside is that none of the black accessories show up. Embrace having lighter hair and really enjoy all the lace and ravens and such you can put in your hair and how much they'll stand out.

  12. I'm honestly so glad for this post. I have natural dark blonde / light brown hair and although I recently went black, I totally regretted it and am now trying to get back to my natural haircolour in the least damaging way possible. Black hair just washes me out so much in a not-nice way, I have to either dye my eyebrows or fill them in with black and the roots look nasty after barely 2 weeks. Black hair is just not worth the hassle for me.

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  15. Man wigs are the BEST. I'm mixed and have big, fluffy curly hair that doesn't always fit the aesthetic I want for certain outfits/looks. I'm too tenderheaded to bleach and use harsh chemicals on my hair. On top of that, my hair is a very dark brown/red so even temporary spray dye wouldn't show up in my hair. Still, it always bothered me that I couldn't have purple hair when I wanted to and I wanted more than just hair streak clips... enter wigs! I just braid my hair on both sides, clip the braids to my head, slap on a few wig caps, and I'm ready to change my hair. It's the best feeling that I can have purple or blue hair with one outfit for a specific look, get home, just take the wig off and have blonde hair the next day. Then long green hair the day after that, and a pitch black reverse bob the next week.
    I've gotten some great wigs from the local wig stores and hair stores in the mall (NOT Sally's or places like that). As for online, Amazon is a great resource. Also, have some REALLY good choices for wigs. The site is a little janky looking, but the wigs are available in so many colors, cheap in price, and a decent quality (I got one wig for $5 and it's heat resistant, soft and not plastically/shiny in texture, and anti-shedding).

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