Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Yosiell Lorenzo

Yosiell Lorenzo is a California-based artist who creates works that are right up my alley. Inspired by old world Victorian New England with a haunted twist, Yosiell's illustrations and sculptures are extremely beautiful works of art. Some of you may know this but at university I'm majoring in Art History and History and when I get a chance to talk to artists about their work it is super exciting for me. When he offered to send me one of his prints I was thrilled and said yes.
The print comes in this photograph folder which has a beautifully labeled title for the illustration, Belfry and His Familiar. The print is five inches by seven inches and the card is just a bit larger than that. I love this photo format. Of course, you could take the print out of the folder and put it in a frame on a wall but I love how it looks just propped up like a card on my bookshelf. This style of presentation was a common 19th century technique which you can read more about on here to give you a basic primer. 

The print itself is beautiful with impeccable detail, no graininess or pixelation to the reproduction. The sepia color and the figure's position really brings to light the nineteenth century influence and it's an extremely beautiful and charming image. It's the writer in me that likes to wonder about Belfry and the bat and about their story and Yosiell's website doesn't say much which just makes me wonder even more. 
Another one of Yosiell's paintings.
I just finished my art history finals so pardon me if I'm at a loss of words for this but one of the qualities that I really love about Yosiell's work is how it has a vintage folk-art feel to it. It's not just the sepia as you can see it in his paintings as well, but the almost smoky, sketchy quality of the art really evokes that period for me. If you've ever been to New England and spent a lot of time wandering around antique shops and estate sales like I have you might know what I mean. 

Yosiell's artwork has a lot of variety to it beyond just these cabinet cards that I love. His paintings have a lot more color to them but retain their own interior personalities that makes his work so interesting. He is also the creator of the Sicklings, a series of fantasy-themed sculptures that are very endearing in their own creepy way.  

So, if you're interested in seeing more of the artwork of Yoseill Lorenzo I really do encourage you to like him on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram.You can also check out his sculptures and prints at his Storenvy, including this Belfry print.
(Also, isn't this business card amazing? I couldn't help but stick in a picture.)


  1. Oh very neat, unique style. Even the big headed girl is unique for a big headed girl trend. Some of the paintings are legitimately borderline creeping me out which is very rare. He's a new favorite!

  2. A very interesting style. I like that it looks Victorian with a modern creepy tone to it.

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