Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mr. Ghost Parcel - October

Happy Halloween! If I keep saying it it'll be true, right? Well, anyway, I'm celebrating Halloween all month long with little things and I'm thrilled to be interviewing the latest Mister Ghost mystery box from Evil Supply Co.! If you're new to this blog and you haven't seen these reviews before, essentially Evil Supply Co. is a stationary and paper goods company who does a mystery box every month with a spooky theme. In the past we've had Mad Science & Withcraft, Netherworld Post Office, and Graveyard Secrets, but this month it's a Halloween Trick and Treat box! So, let's see what I got.

First things first, the screen-printed folder. I love these to pieces, they're so practical for every day use and make even mundane things like carrying papers to and from work spooky. This one is black with an orange skeleton who is lighting a candle for his jack-o-lantern with his fire breath. I'm not sure how a skeleton breathes fire or why he needs an eye patch when he has no eyes but, you know, I'm cool with it.

And what's inside?

The first thing I pulled out were my other favorite things in the Mister Ghost packages: pocket notebooks! I use these all the time, I generally keep one on me with my daily to-do task list and another just for assorted notes on the go. These are a great theme that go super well together and I really love them. 
 Next up are stickers! There's tons of stickers in this one which thrills me to spooky pieces. There are decorative coffins, spider webs, and little candies with bats, witches, and ghosts in them. I'm not sure where they're going to go yet but I love how bright, clear, and sturdy ESC's stickers are.
Then I pulled out this art print and, gosh, I love this thing. It's so bright and beautifully detailed, it really needs to be framed. ESC's prints are made on gorgeous semigloss paper and are such a great option for when you want a spooky piece of art but want something bright and fun. It's quite a big print, maybe I'll put it on my desk at work.

Lastly, note cards! These came in "Happy Halloween", "Happy Bat-Day" and a more simple white one with black spider webs. They also came with orange, black, and cream envelopes, which are wonderful for Halloween and everyday notes. I'm definitely going to be sending out the candelabra Halloween one in a week or so. I also included in this shot the pinback button that says Trick & Treat on it which is going right on my jacket.

I encourage anyone who is interested in Evil Supply Co. to check out this subscription service, It's a great value and you can try it out for one month or subscribe, which gives you a discount. Next month's theme is Friends, Fiends, and Family and you can get it on their website here.


  1. I'm so excited about this month's print. I really want to frame it before hanging it up, so now i'm on the search for the perfect one.

  2. This was my first month- I was so happy with all the goodies!! I'm using the Happy Bat-day card for a Halloween-crazy friend! I will put one of the notepads in with it. So cool!!!

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