Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reader Question: Goth Date Outfits

Hello Mary Rose a while back I messaged you about being gothic while also being religious. I was so excited and flattered to check in later and realize that my question and words were put as an article on your blog! Well I am back again and again would like to request your help with the subject being fashion this time. I have recently began dating and have came into an exclusive relationship with a guy and was wondering if you could give me some help on extremely casual date outfits.
Thank you so much
Extremely excitedly awaiting your response
Date Outfit 1

Hi again Lilvamp, thanks for writing in and congratulations on your relationship!

There are a lot of options for what to wear on dates depending on your personal style, what you have on hand, what you're doing, and all that kind of stuff, so forgive me for not giving a completely comprehensive list of outfits.
Date Outfits #4

To me, the most important thing about a date outfit is that it makes *you* feel good. A feel-good outfit for a date can include your favorite pair of comfortable jeans, the battle jacket that makes you feel confident, a good luck necklace, or whatever else springs to mind. Still, if you want a little extra boost, pay a bit more attention to making sure your nail polish is touched up, your eyeliner is even, or whatever else makes you feel more put together.

Date Outfits #3
Full disclosure: my understanding of men's fashion is severely limited.
I've had other similar questions posed before so I want to underline that you shouldn't feel pressured to dress like someone you aren't just for a date. Why would you want to date someone who didn't embrace the spooky creature you really are? Start the relationship off right by being honest and true to yourself.
Date Outfit #2

It's autumn so for cute outfits this time of year I drift towards skater dresses with boots, jeans with leather jackets, and that kind of thing. If you want a more romantic flair to your outfit, this is the perfect season to add velvet to your outfit and lots of pretty layers.

Date Outfit #5

I hope this has given you some ideas for outfits! Readers, what do you typically wear on dates?


  1. On my last date I had the chance to meet an alternative fashion lover, so I wore an absolutely beautiful long velvet Victorian skirt with a bustle. Can't remember what my top was. My date loved the skirt. But unfortunately it did not turn into a relationship. We're just Facebook friends.

    1. Well, I wouldn't say no to new friends, but I'm glad you were able to wear something you liked. It sounds lovely!

  2. Well, it's personal for everyone, but I'd suggest wearing the most "you" outfit, whatever that may be. I agree with you that if someone doesn't like you for who you are, you probably should reconsider.

    1. That's a good point, although I think for some people that would be a lot of sweatpant and t-shirt dates! Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  3. A lovely (black) dress, a nice pendant and confortable boots :D.

  4. For me it's usually something corsetted with a pair of jeans or cute trousers. My last date night it was a black and red corset under a black suit jacket with simple, well-cut suit pants - all very flattering and professional looking. My accessories though were fishnets and garter belt beneath the trousers, undies to match the corset, a gothic ring and hairpiece and some heavy (though not "full goth") make up - a little red blusher, a hint of white-face, dark red lips to match the accents. I was also wearing my black platform booties. Basically I had a bit of a corp-goth thing going for me, 'cept my partner got the subtle flashes here and there when he realised I was wearing one of my corsets under the suit...

    It works for us ;-) that's the whole point, right?

  5. nice outfit, after you dress up do you know what questions to ask on your date? this article can help you out!enjoy

  6. The main thing when choosing a shoe for a meeting - it's not even in the form of its relevance, the main thing - it should be comfortable. As a rule, the majority of first dates end with a walking...I have a goth boyfriend from but we have broke up few months ago

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