Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goth Blogging 101: How Often to Post

This week I've decided to resuscitate my Goth Blogging 101 series where I throw out some advice that answer common questions I get about how to get started as a Goth blogger. Previous posts in this series include Picking a Name for your Goth Blog and Generating Ideas for Your Goth Blog.

When you're getting started with a Goth blog, you probably have an idea of what kind of posts you're going to do. Are they going to be outfit posts? DIY tutorials? Longer articles? Diary-style? All of these posts take different amount of times to create and will result in a different posting schedule.  Generally speaking, the less time it takes to make the post, the more frequently you'll be able to (if you want.)

An outfit blog can update every day if you can find enough time to take a picture and write down the details. On the other hand, you might not create a DIY project even every week so that kind of posting would be more rare and sporadic. Writing longer articles can take a while to do but can be done on a more regular basis than tutorials.

Add to that the amount of editing and processing you're doing. Add time to edit your post and reread for spelling and grammar mistakes (I still struggle with this occasionally.) If your blog posts include video, including the time it takes to edit and upload the video into your overall production time will help give you a better idea of how often it's reasonable, ditto for pictures.

Most of us who are in the Goth blogging scene do a mixture of lots of kinds of posts. We might do more posts that take less time (like outfit posts) and only a few posts that take a long time (like longer tutorials, videos, etc.) and fill up the rest of the time with articles and personal posts.

So, what does that mean for you, if you run a mixed-content blog? In the beginning, I would recommend starting with a simple goal: one post a week.

One post a week isn't extremely difficult to keep up with, especially if you schedule it for a day you're not working or in school, like the weekend. Having that schedule keeps you consistent while you figure out your writing style and how long your posts take to do. You might even discover, at first, that this is pretty easy to do so you can build up a backlog of queued posts to fall back on when you're less enthusiastic, super busy, or what have you.

Over time, you might decide you want to post more or less frequently. A good friend of mine who runs a non-Goth fashion blog was talking to me and she said that she only writes a post when she has inspiration for it. Why, she reasoned, commit to writing something if I don't have something to say? Of course, for SEO reasons and readership-building reasons it's good not to go too-long between posts (currently kicking myself for my beginning of year hiatus) but if you don't care about those things, this isn't at all a bad model.

As odd as it sounds, having more posts scheduled per week made it easier for me to write up posts. Why? Because it takes the pressure off. Oftentimes I would come up with an idea and I would think to myself, I only have 52 posts to make this year. Is this really good enough to be one of them? And then I would procrastinate. Now that I have two posts a week, one of them can be a shorter, fun post without making me feel like I've wasted an opportunity to be profound.

If you are a Goth blogger, how often do you post? Do you have a schedule or prefer to keep it spontaneous?

If you aren't a Goth blogger, how often do you read a particular blogs posts? How many posts do you think are too few? Too many?


  1. I post when I have something to share. Lately, I've been drawing a blank.

  2. I have a pretty regular schedule. At the moment because it's during the semester I post twice a week (Monday and Friday). Usually I post at least one outfit per week usually on the Friday. When I'm not so busy I post on Wednesday's as well.

    I found it interesting that you consider outfit posts to be some of the easier. For me outfit posts tend to take hours - although it might not seem it. Makeup, picking the right outfit, waiting for the right time of day (the golden hour), sometimes I travel to places to take pictures, and that's all before I actually start taking pictures and editing those pictures in a couple different editing programs. :)

    1. Yeah.... Outfit pictures take forever and ever, which is why I stopped doing them

    2. In fairness, your outfit shots are works of art, I'm just trying to show my outfit and get out the door!

  3. I try to do a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes, I can write several posts in advance and take a few days to edit them. Sometimes, I am less inspired and would often dig up a post that I have not published yet. I often go back to edit and like you, sometimes a grammar mistake will appear unnoticed. I think it all depends on the individual.

    1. I also have lots of draft posts that I sometimes dig through, in making my queue for this semester I sorted through a bunch of them and didn't have any for a while which was a shock!