Saturday, October 24, 2015

5 Classic Monster Themed Outfits to Wear on Halloween

Halloween coming up, are you prepared? Candy, horror flicks, nightclub or party ready to go? What about an outfit? If you're not going for a full costume this year, how about an outfit that many Goths could probably pull out of their closets with just a few extra touches? With a bit of makeup, these are super easy to pull off.


Vampire Chloe

The classic look would, obviously, be the vampire. A plain, if low cut, black dress pairs wonderfully with bat, coffin, skull, and ankh themed accessories. I like my vampires dripping with blood, which is a bit impractical for daily wear, but a bit of red eyeliner at the corner of your mouth or little puncture dots on your neck would get the point across. Extra points awarded for vampire fangs.


Witch Itch

To get a witch look, pair flowy black fabrics with vintage looking touches like lace cuffs or a capelet. I added pretty dagger earrings and a witches hat, both of which can be DIYed. If you like, add a stuffed black cat or DIY Halloween broom to the look. Witchy face makup optional.


Werewolf Shona

While I personally can't pull this look out of my closet, I know enough of you have some things left over from your shameful raver pasts (mostly kidding) to do so. I can't be the only alternative type who went to a middle school where raver fluffies, ears, and faux fox tails were daily wear for some of the weird kids? Anyway, time to dig all of those things out and slap them on with a moon phase t-shirt, ripped jeans, and maybe some bullet earrings or a silver bullet belt for irony and you have a completed werewolf look.


Skeletal Amelia

Skeleton attire is dead easy to come across as a Goth these days, if you'll pardon the pun. Leggings, jeans, socks, skirts, dresses, jackets, gloves, and more can come with skeletal bone prints. Generally I'd recommend only adding one or two skeleton themed items to avoid looking overly skeletal, but it's Halloween so why not go all-out? If you want to add an extra skeletal touch, check out Youtube for some amazing skeleton face makeup tutorials.


Zombies Tho

I couldn't tell you why I associate zombies with the 50's and rockabilly inspired designs but I did try to stay away from that and do a more practical zombie-inspired look. If you wanted to more specifically look like a zombie then Special Effects makeup would help this look out a bunch, I'm sure, but that's not my area of expertise so I would direct you to some Youtube videos for help in that arena.

What are you wearing for Halloween?


  1. Lol the deviant art thing kicked off after I graduated, so I never saw those anthros/furries in school (where I assumed they came from... I can be mistaken) but your post reminds me that I still have no costume!!!!!

    1. I was just in time for it but thought it was weird even then, haha.

  2. I always forget Halloween is a big thing in America. Definitely going to go a bit witchy to my Halloween morning exam though!

    1. I keep forgetting it's not as big a deal elsewhere!

  3. This zombie costume is a cute idea! I can imagine it with some creepy makeup.

    1. Yeah, I think that would definitely make a statement!

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