Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Target & More

Once again it's time for us Goths to look around for Halloween decor to add to our daily lives. While Halloween items started showing up in my local craft stores back in July I'm now starting to see the holiday creeping into all kinds of stores. In the past I've written about how to buy Halloween decor for a Goth home without making your home Halloween-themed, which you might find useful. If you're quick, you might also be able to snap up Halloween items on clearance in the first few days of November but here's what I think we can all look for:

Pottery Barn

Unfortunately Pottery Barn appears to have rolled back their elegant black and silver designs from years past in favor of a rustic autumnal pumpkin look, but there still are some wonderful things to be found in their Halloween section.

 These Spider Web string lights would be a great addition to rented housing or a teenage Goth's room, or even for grown-up Goths that want something a bit spookier than the usual fairy lights.

I love these Skeleton Hand martini glasses for entertaining, they're subtle but add a great touch.

This Full Moon Bats lumbar pillow would be a great accent either in a bedroom or on a couch somewhere. 

Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading doesn't have too many things that (at least in my opinion) translate well into everyday Goth decor, but I did manage to find a few things! First up are these black and purple spindles with birds on top which I think would be lovely on a mantle or side table or grouped with candles.

Want to add something spooky to your food? I have one of these skull & crossbones ice cube trays and I find a lot of use for them (especially for freezing coffee to add to iced-coffee in the summer.)

Pier 1

Pier 1 has started rolling out their Halloween collections and (although one of their Halloween collections is Dia De Los Muertos themed....) there is some great stuff to be found, like this beautiful doormat that I think would be great for year-round Goth homeowners.

And this pretty bat pillow from their Midnight Magic collection which has amazing teal accents that really broaden the spooky color spectrum.


Walmart generally has the best prices on Halloween goodies, that's for sure, but in past years their quality has left something to be desired. As I've said before, Halloween decor for year-round design has to be durable to be worth it. That being said, here are some things that at least look like they'd be great for regular decor:

This lace panel would be a wonderful addition to your window, especially if you layered it over other curtains in grey, red, purple, or even white to give it some contrast. Not a bad price, either.

While on the pricier side, this tree candle holder would be an incredible touch for year-round gothy design. I think I would perch it on a side table and fill it with different colored tea-lights.

Like the idea of candles but not able to burn them yourself? This LED candle has a cute look with the skulls and bones without the fire hazard.


Target came out with their Halloween designs a bit later than other stores and the selection doesn't seem to be as broad as it has been in the past but I've been appreciating them nonetheless.

These mercury glass skull string lights are really pretty and a good option for students and others who are looking for a cute, spooky lighting option that is Gothy without being overly Halloween-y.

Target has been embracing black and gold as a color scheme which you probably already know that I'm a fan of, and I think these hand votive candle holders are a great addition to black and gold gothy decor.

Also in the lighting department are these battery-operated purple bat lights, also perfect for dorm decors.

Dollar Tree

Looking for something more budget-friendly? Dollar stores are found pretty much everywhere (at least in the US) and many of them bring out a small Halloween section where you can find decor without spending tons.

My first pick would be these Die-Cut Tombstone Shaped Chalkboards which could have tones of uses, from leaving notes on your door or fridge to labeling your bookshelves.

Secondly, false flowers are a cute way to dress up a Goth room without having the commitment of real flowers. These purple and black roses are small and cute but you could also add some of these sprigs of berries or branches to make it your own.

Lastly, if you're a crafter like me you might want to stock up on washi tape, which I've expressed my love for before. Dollar Tree has lots of great, inexpensive washi designs his season, so I'm looking to pick up a few of those soon.

Have you found any good Halloween decor to incorporate into your Gothy home yet? If so, where?


  1. Excellent picks. My faves are the pillows and skull lights.

  2. I'm not big on Dia de los muertos popping up everywhere this year. Haven't been to Pier 1 yet, but I think i'll try to get there this week because I like what you posted here. I've found some great stuff at HomeGoods too, but it's always hit or miss, depending on the timing and location. Walgreens and CVS were pretty disappointing, but the stores near me were still clearing out back to school stock, so there's still hope for some neat things to be stocked soon.

    1. Yeah, sometimes stores really go wait to bring everything out until early October, so there's still time!

  3. I love Halloween items. These ones in particular are awesome.

  4. Love the spider web and skull lights - and the black birds on "topiaries"!