Wednesday, August 19, 2015

#WashiWednesday - Gothy Craft Essential

When I was investigating Michaels Halloween stock I had a few things in mind that I wanted. The first was decor, which I found right away. The second was stickers, which took a bit of hunting to find some that I liked. The last was washi tape, which I didn't find on my first two trips and was starting to lose hope in but finally found a good supply of when I went on Sunday.

Washi tape is decorative paper tape which comes in all kinds of amazing patterns and colors, from lettering to stripes to flowers to cats to skulls. The glue isn't especially strong until it dries so it's easy to move around until you're satisfied with placement so you don't tear whatever you're applying it to.

Some things you can do with washi:

  • Add a decorative seal to envelopes
  • Use in scrapbooking
  • Make a decorative frame for art on your wall
  • Decorate decor or furniture
  • Label your electronic cables
  • Decorate a bookmark
  • Decorate your planner or other school supplies
  • Make toothpick flags to decorate baked goods or drinks
But really the opportunities are endless. I can't tell you the number of times I've looked at something plain in my life and thought 'you know what would improve this? Washi."

Since there aren't a lot of stores that sell goth-appropriate washi all year around I was very excited to pick up some Halloween patterns at Michaels that I could use all year.

My current favorites are these black and white colors. All of them except for the large black and white diagonal stripe are from Michaels. My favorite is that narrow black and white bat variety, which came packaged with a black and white spider web washi pictured above for $4.

My other favorite washi currently are my neutrals. Not a lot of people seem to use true neutral washi, which is I suppose understandable since people want their crafts and decor to be bright and fun and pretty, but I find myself using these a lot. These are a mix from Amazon (the four in the middle) and Michaels (the two on the ends.)

Here's a better picture of my favorite so far, this script washi from Michaels.

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What's your favorite craft supply?


  1. Good ideas! I think I need bat washi. :) Lately my go-to craft supply has been scrapbook paper.

    1. I love the crafts you make with scrapbook paper! It's such an inspiration!

  2. Really inspiring post! I must start looking for nice washi tapes ^^

  3. I had never heard of washi tape, the script one is beautiful! I really don't need more craft supplies to hoard but you do have some good ideas for uses.