Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Karma Se7en (2.0)

Back in July I reviewed jewelry from the website Karma Se7en (it gets easier the more times you type it, I promise) and loved it so much that when they offered me more jewelry to try out I was thrilled at the prospect. This time I went for more faux piercing jewelry because the corporate world is taunting me with restrictive dress and piercing codes and also one piece from their new line.

As you can read in my last review, I love the packaging for Karma Se7en. Love to death. The purple boxes are pretty, but the small screw-top boxes are what make it for me. It's just so convenient to be able to toss larger packaging and keep around these little containers to make sure all your jewelry stays where it is supposed to be.

The first item I got is this Single Point Sterling Silver Clip-On Helix Cuff. Now, I know I have fairly thin ears so I wasn't surprised that this piece had a bit of trouble staying on, but the silver was soft enough for me to tighten slightly without any extra damage. I love this piece, it doesn't stick out or anything, it's just a nice subtle addition for my ear jewelry. 

Next up was this more modern and subtle looking Clip On Ear Cuff with Cut Out Squares. This one stayed on with no trouble as it has a slightly narrow opening and I liked that it can be worn on any part of the helix of your ear, from the front all the way down to just above your lobe for a little bit of sparkle. 

Lastly for the clip-on helix jewelry is this Triple Point Sterling Silver Clip On Helix Ear Cuff. (I know it looks oddly purple but it's just reflecting some of the boxes I had stacked on my table, it really is a true silver color.) Unlike the smaller bands, this one can really only go on the outer Helix. I found that I had to adjust it slightly so that the point at the end didn't stick out weirdly on my ear, but after that I thought it was super cute.  

Karma Se7en asked me if I wanted to review anything from their new Crystal Evolution line and I jumped at the change to review this Black Spider Belly Bar by Crystal Evolution and add to my arsenal of naval jewelry. But first I have to talk about the packaging.

Because this isn't produced by Karma Se7en directly, the packaging is different. The outer box is pretty ordinary and not very sturdy (I was trying to be careful when opening but managed to rip it anyway.)

However, on the inside is this little plastic frame. Between the front and the back of the frame there is a thin plastic film trapping the jewelry and keeping it suspended between them. You can slide the frame bottom off, open the frame and take the jewelry out. Then, when you're done with it you can replace the jewelry in between the film, slide the bottom back in place and display the jewelry.


The actual jewelry is this beautiful spider naval piece. The body of the spider is a Swarovski crystal and, if you're never seen one of these before, I highly recommend going somewhere to see one. These things catch the light and glitter like no other faux jewel I've seen and this piece is no exception. Especially while keeping this piece in the frame, when I walk by it catches the light beautifully. I'm in love. The piece is also very sturdy and hasn't tarnished yet.

Once again, Karma Se7en is a Buy One, Get One Free store which is a fantastic deal for really nice jewelry. I really do recommend them for body jewelry, so be sure to check them out! Thank you again to Karma Se7en for sending me these.


  1. Nice rings :)
    Maria V.

  2. Is the barbell part of the belly ring squared off, or is that just the way the light is catching it in the photos? My fiance really liked that piece, and I'd love to order one for him.

  3. Beautiful jewels! I didn´t know about Karma Se7en before, so thanks for showing! Nice greetings!

  4. Wound up sharing your blog with mom on FB because of the jewelry. It's pretty!

  5. Wound up sharing your blog with mom on FB because of the jewelry. It's pretty!