Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mister Ghost Parcel - August

Evil Supply Co.'s monthly stationary package, the full title of which I've been informed is actually Mister Ghost's Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments, just released its August installment. I reviewed their July parcel last month and thought it was super cute, so I was excited to see what this month brought. The theme for it is Netherworld Post Office, which sounded awesome and useful for those of us who love to write physical letters and keep penpals. Followers of my Twitter will know that I was distressed when my parcel was delayed by the post, but it's here now! So here's what I got:

The first thing I pulled out were these adorable Ghost-A-Gram stationary cards with plain envelopes. I love Evil Supply Co.'s designs in part because of how intricate they are, and the details on this are really cute. I can't wait to send one of these around at Halloween time, I already know who the lucky recipient is going to be.

Next were these Ghost-A-Grams, this time in a light blue with smaller ghosts, bats, and swirls. have I mentioned that I love these signature swirls all over everything? Well, I do. This one is subtler but no less spooky and it's nice to have different designs of similar products so you have a bit of variety when choosing what to send. 

Next up is this large art print and I was thrilled to get this. I'm still looking for a frame for it now and then it's going to go on my desk where I write my penpal letters. What a charming little dude. 

Followers of my Instagram will know that I've developed somewhat of a fascination with stickers so when I found some in my Mister Ghost parcel I was so excited. They're made of a sturdy, thicker vinyl-like material and have three designs: a black skull bird with a letter, a monster (???) package, and a Netherworld Post Office sticker, all brightly colored. While Mister Ghost items are exclusive to the subscription, I want about fifty of these last stickers for sealing envelopes with so maybe if we cross our fingers and call on a ghost they'll come back someday. 

Next up are these two notebooks which are also done in classic and lovely Evil Supply Co. style in lime green to match the green Ghost-A-Grams above. I thought the "Addresses and Notes" would be styled like a traditional address book but the inside pages are blank so you can really decide however you want to keep track of your addresses. The "Letter in a Notebook" one is also pretty interesting if you like to write longer letters or add drawings or such, and it's cool to see ESC adding variation to the pocket notebooks. 

And another thing I want in bulk: the entire Mister Ghost parcel comes in these screen-printed folders that I love. Like, really love. Like, want an entire office full of different designs and patterns. Last month's parcel had a lovely black and silver witch/scientist print whereas this week has the Netherworld Post Office logo and swirls and I've kept the ones I got in past Evil Supply Co. orders because they're so useful. I use these to organize my stationary and to carry school papers with me, they're sturdy and pretty and I love them.

In summary, I love this parcel possibly even more than last month's. The colors are pretty and refreshing, I loved the designs, and there's nothing in here that I was at a loss for how to use. I think the theme of Netherworld Post Office is a great fit for Evil Supply Co. and gave us some really useful and cool stationary bits to use and, well, stickers are the bomb dot com. I love Mister Ghost. 

If you want to get your own Evil Supply Co. parcel, the next theme is 'Graveyard Secrets' and it ships in early September. I love these packages and I think they're a great way to add a bit of spooky and variety to your stationary and, let's be real, life in general. Buy yours on the Evil Supply Co. website here!


  1. I really like that these parcels come in durable and reusable folders.

  2. Well, now you've gone and done it! I just placed an order with them, and got all sorts of things I don't need, like stationery, patches, and that parcel you just got. At least, I HOPE it's the same one! Oh well, if it's not, I can always complain to Mr. Ghost. ;-)

  3. I was wondering when someone was going to do one of these subscription goodie bag thingies for goths

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