Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Karma Se7en Jewelry

When Karma Se7en reached out to me to review some of their wonderful jewelry I was really thrilled. Their website seemed really well put together and they have fantastic deals, including a Buy One, Get One Free deal for everything in their store. On top of that, their prices are fantastic and they offer same day dispatch. Sold. I put in my request for the pieces I would review and my package arrived after a couple of days. 

First, I have to mention the packaging. I usually don't give packaging much time in my reviews because I'm usually more excited about what's in the box, so understand how good this packaging has to be to warrant a mention. These little jewelry boxes are cute but the genius is that the earrings and other pieces are stored in these little plastic boxes inside, almost like individual eyeshadows or contact-lens cases. Brilliant! Now no worry that you're going to lose one of your earrings if you decide that the outer box is a little bulky for your storage solution. I love love love this design and will be stealing this idea when I reorganize my jewelry storage.

First up are these absolutely adorable Halloween bat enamel stud earrings. These have such a cute, happy, spooky design and they've become one of my go-to earrings. The website picture makes the enamel look slightly blue but my pictures are much more color accurate, they're plain black and white. Of course, they'd be great for themed occasions like Halloween parties too, but they're perfect for daily wear because they match so many different outfits and the Stirling silver is perfect to make sure you don't have a reaction to your jewelry.

Next up are these absolutely itty bitty black and orange bat earrings placed next to an American Dime (about the same size as a british 5 pence piece) for size comparison. These have the same great bat design in balck and orange but are placed on a hoop so they dangle slightly and I loved them. I will mention, however, that the loop is a bit of a tight fit on my earlobe so if your lobe piercings are placed high up on your lobe these might not fit perfectly.

Next up are these faux septum clickers here which are really cool because you can get an idea of what a septum piercing would look like on you. Septum piercings are a piercing I've liked for a while so I was eager to try them out. The jury is still out on whether or not I like how they look on me personally. What do you think?

I got the Goddess Filigree model here and the Black Bliss model above, which are both also very well made and don't seem like they'd be easily broken at all (they certainly didn't break when I stretched them a little bit to fit my septum). 

If these models are a bit dramatic for your interest, the faux septum piercing section has a wide variety of designs, some of which are certainly more subtle. I really like the roses design, too. 

Lastly there's a piece of jewelry I can't vouch for just yet. This Gothic Bat Belly Button Bar is divine and I had to snap it up even though I won't be getting my belly button pierced until my birthday next month. When I do (and after the healing process), expect photographs of it being worn. For now I put it through its paces by tugging on the connecting pieces and holding it in my hands for extended periods to check for tarnish but it appears very sturdy and well made, so I'm thrilled to wear it myself.

If any of these pieces have caught your eye, you can buy them and more on Karma Se7en here. Even better, every single piece on their website is Buy One, Get One Free which is a fantastic deal for really nice jewelry. I'm quite happy to recommend them. Thanks, Karma Se7en!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are so cute! <3 Thank you for the review, I will definitely check them out!

  2. Oh, those septum pieces! I've been looking for faux septum clickers for ages (the furthest most jewelry shops extend to is a basic hoop), so it's a delight to see those.

  3. BAT JEWELRY!!!! <3 gosh thanks for sharing *__* (and thanks for another post making me want a septum piercing...)