Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: Evil Supply Co. Mister Ghost Parcel - July

Today's review comes courtesy of those delightful villains over at Evil Supply Co. I've blogged about this particular company before back in 2012 but I have to say that in the years since then they've grown past my wildest expectations. For those of you not in the know, Evil Supply Co. is primarily a stationary, paperworks, and art company dedicated to making products with a spookier bent. When Atticus, the delightfully dark mind behind ESC offered to send me their July Mister Ghost parcel for a review, I was happy for the opportunity.

The Mister Ghost parcel is a monthly subscription of paper goods from ESC in their characteristically dark style centered around a monthly theme. In it you can find notebooks, art prints, note cards, stickers, and other treats all packaged in a reusable screen-printed folder.The June parcel's theme centered around mad science and witchcraft and, as you can see below, produced some really delightful pieces.

The entire thing came in a brown shipping package which arrived quickly and then inside of it is this black screen-printed folder in the months theme. I love these folders for spooky school supplies and they're sturdy enough to last a pretty long while if you're not over stuffing them.

Next up is this small blank notebook . I have a few of these from Evil Supply Co. and they're the perfect size to tuck into your purse or pocket to jot down thoughts on the go, or to journal smaller poems, tarot readings, shopping lists, to-do lists, etc. This one has a lovely design and the interior pages are blank, which is great for anyone who would like to use it as a miniature sketchbook.

The next two items are art prints that are covers for imaginary magazines. This first one is TELEPORT - Trends in Space and Time Travel and is a really delightfully almost-kitsch retro science fiction design, which I absolutely adore and which has earned its place on my inspiration board for sure.

The other magazine art print is for The Samhain Evening Post which is a darker, more witchy design while still being completely adorable. Both of the prints are really delightful and pretty representative of Evil Supply Co's aesthetics, I think.

Next up is a collection of these pieces of red paper that read "Embrace New Paths - We are All Stardust Studying Stardust - Study the Unknown." One side is lined and the other is blank. I'm very charmed by the design but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these just yet, I'll have to sit on it a bit more.

The next item is a greeting card which really embraces the theme of science-meets-witchcraf. The text reads 'though our tools may differ our goal, to know, is the same - You will find you way, I believe in you.' which I absolutely adore. I actually already have in mind who I'm going to mail this to, since I know she'll get a kick out of it.

Lastly is this wonderful 9" by 12" art print of Doctor Tonks Ultima, a cute retro scientist floating on a gorgeous starry space scene. This is the perfect size to frame if you happen to have a retro looking design sense for your home, or as a gift for the lovely lady scientist in your life.

I really enjoyed opening my Mister Ghost Parcel and I hope you've also enjoyed taking a peek inside. I think my favorite item was the notebook, closely followed by the Teleport art print. This monthly theme is really cute and I think Evil Supply Co. executed it perfectly.

If you want to get either a one-time Mister Ghost parcel or take out a subscription for monthly stationary goodies in this delightfully campy, villainous aesthetic, you can do so on Evil Supply Co's website here. August's theme is Netherworld Post Office.


  1. Your past blog entry about this site made me check it out for myself. Once I get enough money, I'm gonna try the one-time parcel.

  2. Oh gosh. I've been looking for cool stationery and papers for ages!! Thanks!!

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