Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gothic Gold Decor

Silver and black is Goth's ubiquitous color combination. Everything from classic Goth platform boots to Gothic jewelry and home decor tend to favor metallic tones in the silver, pewter, and nickel range. That's wonderful for me as I've always favored silver accents but lately I've been expanding my horizons and looking into the options that other metallic tones can offer for a Gothic look.

When done right gold is luxe and has a great vintage vibe that I think goes very well with a Gothic decor scheme. Some people think that lots of gold looks tacky so I think the key is to use it subtly. The highlighting on this architectural wall is the perfect place to add just a touch of shimmer, which also helps reflect light to keep a black-painted room from looking too small.

I'm still as much into minimalist gothic decor with a black and white palette as I was when I wrote my Minimalist Gothic Decor post a while back so the black and white basic color scheme catches my eye a lot here.

That being said, not everyone is as into that stark look as I am, and I understand that. Gold matches a lot of different colors so you can incorporate whatever accent colors your dark heart desires. Red, purple, dark green, and turquoise pop especially well when paired with gold. Black and gold also goes well with a variety of different styles and motifs. Occult imagery art deco, Greco Roman, and Art Nouveau are the ones I've been most drawn to on my Pinterest board, but Egyptian motifs, Japanese laquorwork, and Medieval decor all often have gold touches.

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So, readers, do you ever stray outside of the usual silver metallic accents for your Goth looks, decor or fashion wise?


  1. I LIKE those touches of gold! Gold actually looks better on my skin than silver, so I wear both, and mixing them makes the silver look better.

    And I want that chair with the skulls on it!!!

  2. Some nice decor though it would be a bit too dark for me - would trigger my darkness.

  3. I own some gold jewelry. Just haven't worn any of it in ages. Been rocking mostly silver.

  4. I tend to go for the more brassy and bronze tones, I think they pair up nicely against black as well.

  5. I LOVE gold, especially rose gold with black. Just so absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I've never been one for rose gold but that's been trendy for a while now so it shouldn't be hard to find appropriate jewelry or home accessories, wonderful idea!

  6. I own some gold jewelry. Just haven't worn any of it in ages. Been rocking mostly for gold