Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guest Post: Rethinking Accessories: Extreme Cuffs

Part of my New Years Resolutions this year was to accept more guest posts onto this blog. Luckily I was able to start out strong with this post by Ashley Williamson, a freelance blogger. Thanks so much for the submission!


Cuffs are an often overlooked fashion accessory. They are also often mistaken for bracelets and bangles. Keep in mind that cuffs are neither of these. Cuffs are wider and encompass a greater portion of the wrist than a bracelet. It's also different from a bangle in the sense that cuffs often have an opening while bangles fully enclose around the arm.

For fashion divas and guys, there are plenty of cuff varieties fitting for just about any specific fashion sense. Consider the following cuffs and how they can complement your wardrobe.

Gothic Cuff

Gothic fashion often entails multiple jewelry and accessories for achieving an appearance that can be best described as dark, gloom, or even “vampirish.” Such cuffs are often made from soft fabric and are modeled after Victorian era fashion worn by the noble class.

These types of cuffs may also come with a piece of gem or trinket in the center that may be in the form of a bat, skull, dagger or something along the lines of that nature. It’s different than the typical butterfly or rose that you would expect to see from a more conventional accessory piece.

Leather Cuffs 

You can think of leather cuffs as a miniature belt that you wear around your wrist; some even come with a buckle. More elaborately designed cuffs may come with engraving on the leather or come with additional metal parts. There are even those that come with a small hand clock, thus doubling it as a watch.

Leather cuffs are quite versatile and are suitable for both conventional and alternative fashion. If for the latter, they complement punk and grunge clothing quite well. The cuffs heighten your appearance even if you’re donning conventional clothing. In fact, they are quite trendy and have been seen being worn by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Johnny Depp.

Metal Cuffs 

This category also includes cuffs constructed from bronze, silver, and gold. The metallic and shiny surface gives it an appearance of a gauntlet, which conjures images of Spartan warriors going into battle. These cuffs also fit quite well with alternative fashion wear. Some of the more gnarly variations are made in the shape of mythical creatures, such as serpents and dragons.

Some also come with dangling chains, buckles or spikes, which especially tends to complement nicely with men’s grunge fashion. They go great with an outfit combo like black boots, ripped jeans, and a frayed jacket.

Beaded Cuffs 

Beaded cuffs offer a lot of color variety, which makes them great for hippy fashion. They fit perfectly with an equally colorful hippy shirt and beanie hat. If you can find one with beads that form a peace symbol, then you got the perfect accessory to go with your attire.

If you happen to have an affinity for Gothic culture but love the style of a beaded cuff, then go for a variety like a beaded skull cuff or beads that form the figure of a bat or coffin.

Cuffs are just as much a fashion accessory as a necklace or handbag. With the right piece, you reinforce the type of appearance you are shooting for.

Ashley Williamson is a freelance blogger and journalist. She likes blogging about alternative fashion trends, and soak up inspiration for her writing through her travels in South East Asia. Follow her on Twitter at @AshleyWilliamson. 

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  1. I like the first cuff. I might make a few. :)

  2. The gothic cuff and the Lolita cuff probably have a lot in common, though typically wrist cuffs in Lolita tend to feature predominantly lace.

  3. I used cuffs a lot a couple of years ago. I don't know why I stopped, thanks for reminding me to bring out my goth cuffs :-)

  4. I sometimes wear leather cuffs. Currently I have a black one with big pink dots,
    I 'm also considering to buy one metallic cuff. I had one that closed with a special mechanism but it broke. I 've seen some that look like snakes and can be worn on the upper arm as well.

  5. I always have a crave for fashion accessory since I was a child. I think it's a complementary to our fashion wears and style. You can make a simple dress gorgeous looking even with some simple fashion accessories.