Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Hello readers and welcome to 2015! 2014 was a good year for me all around, I can't lie, so I am looking forward to making 2015 even better. Here are my resolutions:


  • Try again for a two post a week model, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Incorporate more posts based on the Goth Almanac and current events
  • Write an FAQ
  • Revamp at least three old posts with good content but not great execution
  • Try out Instagram (I'm theeverydaygoth on there as well if you would like to give me a follow)
  • Post five guest posts (e-mail me at if you would like to contribute)


  • Continue growing my bangs out
  • Practice doing multi-colored eye makeup with my CC palette
  • Buy more dresses, including one in red and one in purple
  • Buy more waist belts
  • Buy a structured blazer-type jacket
  • Get a new zipper on my Restyle purse (not happy about this, it broke after a few weeks of light use)


  • Learn to knit (my mother got me knitting needles for Christmas, so that's a start)
  • Read a novel in French and continue practicing
  • Listen to a new song every day
  • Get more piercings: daith, forward helix, and maybe a nose piercing.
  • Find an artist I like and get my tattoo!
  • Read 52 books. Add me on Goodreads if you'd like to see what I'm reading and chat about books!

What are your New Years resolutions?


  1. Sound like great goals. I'd like to start wearing more creative makeup myself. Your blog ideas are great... Might steal them for myself!

  2. Love your blog, as well as your other study abroad one. I am a Yorkshire born lover of all things dark, bilingual and living in France since 1979 .... Don't hesitate contacting me if you want to practise your French. Bonne année et tous mes voeux de réussite pour tes études!

  3. These are some great goals Mary Rose! Good luck! I followed you on Goodreads. :)