Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gothic Spiderweb Kitchen Accessories from Sin in Linen

Whoo, I love getting mail! Don't you? This week I had some really fun stuff come my way, and the thing I was especially excited for were these Spider Web Kitchen Linens sent to me by my friends at Sin in Linen.* Thanks guys!

So, what they sent me was this lovely apron, modeled by yours truly:

(P.S. has my hair gotten long or what??)

The apron is nice quality and covers pretty much your whole front (a lot of aprons I've seen have fairly low neck lines, but this one is quite high over my chest), but not very thick so try not to spill a lot of liquid down yourself. The waist ties fit comfortably around my (plus-sized) waist with enough room for a big bow, and the pocket is nice for sticking a spoon or other small item in while you're being nice and domestic. I like the detail of the lower layer, which brings it to a nice mid-thigh length on me.

Here is the bow detail:

And the matching oven mitt and pot holder set:


The pot holder and oven mitt are lovely and functional. Once I was done modeling pre-made pies (better looking than they were tasting, in my opinion) I actually went to cook something, including holding hot pans, and they worked perfectly to keep the heat away. 

Mmm. Bacon.

Unfortunately, when I actually went to use it I discovered something tragic: there was a little bit of water on the counter top and when the pot holder got a little wet the dye started to run, leaving blue over the spider webs.

It's kind of disappointing, especially since the pillows I reviewed from Sin in Linen over the summer didn't have that problem at all. I was a little nervous to wash them, since I didn't want to end up with completely blue stuff. Luckily I decided to just try completely rinsing the pot holder since it was already fairly blue, and when it dried the blue was gone. So apparently it's just a matter of rinsing these out thoroughly before you use them and making sure all the black dye has gone, then it isn't as much of an issue.

Besides the blue dye scare, I'm really happy with these products and they're a great way to spook up the kitchen while you're making nice treats. Plus, one-size fits all, and at $22 for the apron and $14 for the pot holder and oven mitt set they're sold at a great price. Maybe if you're really into it you could also add in a matching gothic Spider Web table cloth, and if I had my own place rather than a shared flat I would have loved to have decorated with that as well. Holiday presents for the spooky Goth in your life? Maybe!

If you're not much of a cook, you might also want to see some of the items in their Skull D├ęcor section which has really cute stuff, including this awesome skull bedding.

Have you guys gotten anything fun in the mail lately? Or what have you been baking? Please, share recipes in the comments down below!

*Disclaimer: Items reviewed in this post were sent to me for review, but all opinions are completely honest and my own. Any questions can be directed to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers!