Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Goth Ways to Patch Denim Holes

I've only just started wearing jeans again after having worn just skirts (and the occasional yoga pant) for many years, but one thing I always loved about jeans was how they looked when patched. Something about patched jeans appeals to me, so even if I'm not going to tear up my one pair of skinnies I'll be keeping this list around for if that ever happens. So, here are five Goth-approved ways to patch holes in your denim:

Spider webs!

This is my favorite way that I discovered on Pinterest and I'm just stunned that I didn't think of it before. Basically you sew around the hole and then weave the thread in a spider web shape. Wouldn't it be cute in white thread on black denim or with a small spider bead? Tutorial here.

Safety Pins

This one reminds me of middle school when all the Cool Alt Kids would rip intentional holes in their jeans and string safety pins through them. Still, this is a great punky look. Youtube tutorial here.

Fabric Patch

Have a small scrap of Halloween fabric left over from another DIY (or need an excuse to buy pretty fabric like the ones on my Dark Fabric Pinterest Board)? Here's how to patch denim using whatever fabric you prefer: Tutorial here.

Fish net

For a variation on a fabric patch, why not cover the hole with a scrap of fish net? Again, in a contrasting color this would work wonderfully. If you wanted something even more deathrock, use safety pins to keep the net in place. Similar to this.

Cute Monster

For something a little cuter on less fancy jeans, how about a monster face? Using the hole as the mouth, arrange felt eyes and teeth in a monster shape and stitch in place. Tutorial here.

How do you patch your torn denim? Or do you just get a new pair?


  1. lol i'm too old for any of these. I just buy a new pair or just leave them as holes. I had one pair that still had safety pins, but those just ripped the hole even bigger

    1. Awww, that's a shame! I'm sorry to hear that.

  2. For some reason the left elbow of my sweaters always wears out and gets holes, so I've made black heart shaped patches! I cut out a lace piece and a cotton piece, sew them together, then apply liquid stitch to attach to my shirt!

    1. Oh, cute! That's a really great idea, and I bet it gives a cute autumnal vibe (elbow patches make me think of suave professors who come from Oxford and have silly names...anyone else?...okay.)

  3. I can never patch my denim because it always wears through in the chub rub area, so patching it would just be uncomfortable.

    1. Ouch, I know that feeling. :/ My current pair of jeans is pretty merciful in that area, luckily.