Wednesday, November 26, 2014

25 Goth Pet Names

So you've taken a look at my list of unusual Goth pets and decided (after a lot of research and consideration because you will be bringing a real living creature into your house that relies on you for its care and preservation, eyebrow raise), hey, maybe it's time to get a new pet. But what to name it? As a kind of fun, silly post I thought I'd make a list of 25 Goth pet names.

Music Names:

  • Murphy
  • Siouxsie
  • Eldritch
  • Eloise
  • Banshee 
  • Balaam
  • Lulu
  • Seraphim
  • Jezebel

Literary Names;

  • Lestat - Interview with a Vampire
  • Mina - Dracula
  • Harker - Dracula
  • Shelly - Mary Shelley
  • Bunnicula - Bunnicula
  • Byron - Lord Byron
  • Hippolita - The Castle of Otranto
  • Annabel - Annabel Lee
  • Carmina - Carmina

  • Bela (Lugosi) - Dracula, etc.
  • Morticia - Addams Family
  • Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty
  • Nosferatu - Nosferatu
  • Lily - The Munsters
  • Jack - Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Victor - Corpse Bride

What are your pets names, and how did you chose them?


  1. Ollie (short for Oliver) - was told when I got him as a tiny kitten that he was female so I named HER as Eleanor. Ellie for short. Two vets also said it was a female. A year later, my friend found Ellie's balls. Hidden by his fur. Whoops. Ellie changed to Ollie to make it easy.

    I got another kitten about two years later and named him Tucker.

    I adopted a chihuahua a couple of years ago and named him Dexter. I liked the name from the guy in the show Dexter. :)

  2. Zeta and Akiba. Zeta (after Gundam Z) is my husbands, and Akiba (after a poorly solider in Metal Gear Solid series) is mine.

  3. What's Corpse Pride? I only know Corpse Bride...

    And what about Lovecraft and Poe with names like Cthulhu?

    1. Whoops, typo!

      I think most people don't want to go through the trouble of spelling some Lovecraftian names. :P

  4. One of my guinea pig was called Murphy after the one and only Peter Murphy. He came for another beloved guinea pig which died on July 11st which is PM's birthday so i thought it appropriate :)

  5. I grew up with a cat called Heathcliff and my best friends have cats called Golgotha and Gethsemene, previous cats of theirs have been called Lucretia and Ba'al.

    1. Lucretia is an absolutely beautiful name, nice!

  6. Mispickel, which is an old German colloquial name for arsenopyrite (an arsenic and sulfur compound).

    The first part is that my parents are nerdy geologists, and that my mother, in particular, studied crystal structure in graduate school.

    The second part is that we had a dog named White Diamond (American Eskimo dog). We got her as a rescue in poor health and my mother wanted to make sure she at least would "die with a pretty name" in case she didn't survive heartworm treatment. Diamond always preferred cats to other dogs, though; all the friendly cats in the neighborhood would come running when they saw us out for a walk.

    Diamond lived to be seventeen and then just plain wore out. The day we took her in to the vet to put her to sleep, there was a five-month-old brown tabby foundling on display, in need of a home. A good cat is never a bad color (paraphrasing from horses here), of course, but I've always been partial to brown tabbies. The idea of not having a pet at home was unbearable so we went back the next day to take another look at her. We joke that Diamond picked her out--waited to collapse when just the right cat was in need of a home--and we thought she should have a mineral name in Diamond's honor.

    1. That's a really precious story, thank you for sharing! I'm glad you found a wonderful cat for you, and RIP White Diamond. <3

  7. cats : Edgar - Edgar Allan Poe, Erwin - Erwin Schrodinger (Schrodinger´s cat - not too goth-y I know :))

  8. My little black cat is named Wednesday.

  9. My dog's name is Edgar (Edgar Allen Poe) and my cat's name is Nancy (Sid Vicious' girlfriend) :3

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  12. I just got a black kitten yesterday (a present from my parents for my 16th birthday) I named him Edgar after Edgar Allan Poe.

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  14. Endora a black cat named after Samantha’s mother from bewitched.

  15. I'm looking for a dark pet name that I can use in a book that I am writing, in the book the guy calls the girl his dark angel, but what should she she call him?