Saturday, October 25, 2014

The 5 Best Vampire Movies

Happy almost Halloween, readers! While our Halloween festivities here in Scotland are a bit limited, I've been loading up on wonderful Halloween movies to pass the time. Of course, for me, that includes a lot of vampire flicks. So, I thought I'd list my top five vampire movies of all time.

The Hunger

Is there anything better than David Bowie being a vampire? Well, perhaps David Bowie being a vampire in the same movie in which Peter Murphy sings Bela Lugosis Dead in a cage. While the movie isn't what I would call a horror movie, it's amazingly atmospheric and I always recommend that other people watch it. Yeah, it's just great.

Interview with a Vampire

Around the time everyone on the internet was making fun of Tom Cruise's acting career and religious views, I was a young babybat and had just watched Interview with a Vampire, so I didn't understand that at all. While Queen of the Damned is also a fun movie in a different kind of way, this is just simply one of the best vampire adaptations of the last few decades, no question.

Horror of Dracula (or, Dracula, 1958)

While there's plenty of blood to be had in the previous few movies, I wouldn't call them gorey in particular. However, the stomach-churning scene in which Christopher Lee rakes pieces of his own face away just stun me. If you don't remember that scene, it's because it was cut out until it's restoration in later Blu-Ray releases. Boo!

The Lost Boys

Okay, so we've got older vampires down, but what about young heart-throbs? Kiefer Sutherland's David probably cemented my attraction to guys that look like Billy Idol (also Spike from Buffy, obviously) and there's no replacing the camp fun that comes from hanging out with other Goths and quoting "It's fun to be a vampire" at each other.

Bram Stoker's Dracula

On the darkly romantic side of the classic Dracula tale is Bram Stoker's Dracula, a supremely beautiful movie with a haunting soundtrack and lovely costumes. I hadn't watched this since my early teens so when I re-watched it recently I ended up buying the soundtrack and humming a lot for the next two days. Definitely not to be missed.

What do you think, readers? What is your favorite vampire movie?


  1. That is a great Vampire list. You listed all of my favourite films too! I recently saw The Hunger on the big screen and that scene with Peter Murphy is damn impressive in a theatre. When I was a teen my favourite vamp movie was Lost Boys. I so wanted to be Star in all her gypsy skirts! As I got older my favourite vamp movie is Horror of Dracula. After all it has my two favourite men in it. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. That scene when he is running across the table to the curtains gets me every time. Love it!

  2. Great list and all my favourites too. I loved the Hunger. It is so refreshing to see a list without the sparkly kind in them!

  3. I really love Let The Right One In, it's so wonderful and bittersweet *0*

    1. I actually haven't seen it! I'll make a note. :)

  4. I love all of these! It's also fun to watch the original Nosferatu from 1922, kind of mesmerizing. Btw, my podcast just did a Halloween episode on the costumes & set design of Bram Stoker's Dracula - it's at

  5. My mom and I watched Interview with the Vampire mostly to see Oak Alley Plantation--we used to go to Civil War reenactments there--and Mom, who has no interest at all in the supernatural or movies about it, said, "That was very effective. The vampires seemed so human" (by which she meant that the viewer could identify with them as protagonists). I like the movie despite not particularly liking the book (or Anne Rice in general) and despite the fact that Pitt, Cruise, and Slater are three of my least favorite actors.

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