Saturday, September 6, 2014

Goth Makeup Tutorial Playlist

Since I've finally escaped Maryland humidity and it's finally nice enough weather to be wearing heavy makeup, I thought I'd celebrate by making a playlist of Goth-appropriate makeup tutorials. Enjoy!

What is your favorite tip for perfect Goth makeup?


  1. What an interesting playlist! Thanks for posting it! And here are some tips that I know about goth make up, or make up in general:
    -the foundation should be matching your natural colour. If you have a cold skin type, you should wear pink tinted foundation and if you have a warm skin type, wear yellow tinted foundation, If your type is neutral, choose whatever you like, and also there special foundations for you. You can go 1-2 shades lighter but don't forget to also cover your eyelids and your ears, and blend well in the neck, so that it does not look like white face paint.
    -With contouring, the face looks prettier.(at least I think so)
    -I always prefer waterproof eyeliner because it does not smudges. it's awsome to do something elaborate, and when you go home it's still intact.
    -Also, I prever lip stains, not lipstick or lipgloss, because the colour is more vibrant and it dries on the lips. It comes out only if you rub it with make up removing wipes. You can even sleep with it on, and the next day will be still good.
    -Actually don't sleep with make up on because the skin can't breathe, and the next day you look awful.
    -Finally, it's my preference not to go overboard on make up. I don't like it to cover my face entirely , in the point I'm unrecognizable. I like it to look more elegant, almost 50ies style. And I dislike overplucked or shaved brows, because the women who do that, seem to have a constant ironic look. I pluck mine, so they do a nice arch, but they look natural.
    the message is a bit big, hope you didn't got bored!

  2. Thanks for the playlist this will come very handy :)