Saturday, August 16, 2014

Birthday Outfit Post

So, I guess my big news today is that I'm now twenty! Yes, I've made it through two decades of life relatively unscathed, and the rest of it seems pretty promising. While I don't have any plans for the day, I thought I'd dress up and post a picture of what I'm wearing today.

Necklace: Otakon
Skirt: Macy's
T-shirt: Forever21
Shrug, Belt: Torrid
Boots: Gift

So what are you all up to this weekend? 


  1. Happy Birthday! Sorry that this is late. I do hope it was a very good day for you. With many more to come.

  2. happy birthday!! you look lovely x

  3. Best wishes for your birthday Mary Rose!!

  4. A belated happy birthday, and best wishes for the year ahead :)